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Background info for character creation here.

The players and their characters.
Player Character Concept Character sheet
Marcel Ariya Sangha Tongue-Tied Jack who Needs No Weapons Html Print
Mark Daina "Zippy" Lucask Swift Nano who Talks To Machines Html Print
Xavier Ryder Lucask Mechanical Jack who Rides the Lightning Html Print
Jeroen Tal Graceful Jack who Crafts Illusions Html Print
Ferry "Butcher" Thom Rugged Glaive who Controls Beasts Character (Pdf) Hontri (Pdf)
Matthijs Drake Inquisitive Nano who Focuses Mind Over Matter Html Print


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Ariya: Drake seems incredibly unaware of his body and always happens to get in your way. If you miss your foe and accidentally hit someone else in close range, it’s likely to be him.
Daina: Thom seems to have a terrible relationship with machines—or at least the machines that you communicate with. If she is next to a machine that you interact with in a friendly manner, that machine is treated in all ways as being one level lower than normal (unless doing so benefits you or her, in which case the level does not change).
Ryder: Daina has been your friend for a long time, and you have learned to bring her along when you ride the lightning. If the character is standing right next to you, you can take her with you when you use the Bolt Rider or Electrical Flight powers. (Normally, neither ability allows you to transport other creatures.)
Tal: Ariya is never fooled by your illusions and is never affected by the trickery of your special abilities. You can choose whether or not you know this fact.
Thom: Ryder seems to disturb your creatures in a way that you can’t explain. You know that you must keep your animals away from him if possible, or you might lose control of them.
Drake: Tal can cause your telekinetic powers to act oddly. Every once in a while, if he stands directly next to you, your powers are cancelled, but at other times, they seem improved when used near him.

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