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Kaylessa is eager to tell an interesting tale while serving the drinks to your party. She tells you about fog that persists in the Sumber Hills even in bright sunlight, and sudden gusts of hot wind sweeping west out of the hills where breezes have always been cold. She calls it “fell magic”, but after pressing the matter she admits to you that she has not seen these phenomena herself.

While she’s telling the tale, your eyes fall upon another traveler in the inn, apparently some sort of traveling priest. The half-elf is called Brother Eardon and he recently came from Beliard by way of Westbridge, and he confirms that the missing delegation from Mirabar was in Beliard two tendays ago. They were headed south on the Dessarin Road.

After the drinks, you decide to check out the rest of the town. While doing so you notice the subtle sign of a harper contact in the front yard of a smudgy looking house in Red Larch. Above the door there is a sign reading “Vallivoe’s Sundries”. The owner, Endrith Vallivoe, is apparently a merchant for all sorts of new and used goods.

Endrith is quick to welcome you after identification. He explains that he bought a beautiful book in Dwarvish. It looks old and important, but he cannot read it himself. After taking a look at it, it seems to be a genealogical history of the dwarf clans of Mirabar. You explain that this is very probably associated with the disappearance of the Mirabar delegation. At that, Endrith offers the book to you at no charge. He tells you that he bought it from a peddler passing through the town, who in turn bought it from a shady keelboat skipper in Womford, who had somehow come by a dozen similar books.

After saying thanks to Endrith and taking your leave, you explore the town some more. Apart from The Helm there appears to be a local barbershop, that appears to function as a sort of second tavern; lots of local people hang out there as well. While you are deciding whether to buy a drink or not, a man walks up to you and introduces himself as Larmon Greenboot, claiming he has some interesting information for adventurers such as you. Clearly he is looking for a drink as he appears to have had some already. You decide to humor him, however and he launches into a tale as soon as you find yourself a table in the crowded front yard.

He tells you that he found mysterious freshly dug graves at the foot of the Sumber Hills while shepherding not just two days ago. He would gladly lead you there himself, but he insists on waiting until the morning. Larmon is pretty pleased with having a tale to tell, but you notice that he is trying to hide the fact that he is a bit scared at having such unpleasantries making their way into his live. And while he is obviously accustomed to having a drink, you feel empathy for this intrusion into the simple man's life.

Armed with all this information you vow to investigate the next morning, after a good night's sleep...

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