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>Varaf the Magnificent - Intro

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The players and their characters.
Player Character Concept Hook Background Character sheet
Jeroen Naeris Woodelf Monk Suspicious Fellow: the Harpers have become suspicious of Thurl Merosska, a knight of the Feathergale Society, and have asked you to investigate. Story Html Print
Mark Maret Urgafal Dwarven Cleric of Life no hook no story Html
†Arisys Gryf Halfling Rogue Assassin Dangerous Information: You overheard cruel bandits planning a raid and you intend to stop them. The bandits report to someone named Grimjaw in a place called Rivergard Keep. Story PDF (4) PDF (5) PDF (6)
Ferry Lirmyi Hlaervs Drow Bard PDF
†Iymril Hlaervs Drow Bard Best Served Cold: Your faction has asked you to find and defeat the minstrel Windharrow, who was last seen in the Sumber Hills. Html Print
Xavier Rodan Thundershield Dwarven Eldricht Knight Strange Map: An ancient map has come into your possession, showing the location of a forgotten dwarf stronghold beneath the Sumber Hills. Story Html Print
Matthijs Varaf the Magnificent Tiefling Warlock The Mud Sorcerer: Your character was assaulted by a mob led by a genasi who killed several innocent bystanders. Now it’s time to find Miraj Vizann and make him pay. Html Print
Jake Niamh Wood Elf Huntress Dark Omens: The signs and portents are clear: nature is out of balance. Terrible disaster is drawing closer with every passing day. Html Print

Group Picture

taken on day 7

From left to right: Naeris, Lirmyi, Rodan, Niamh, Arisys and Varaf
*Iymril died just before this picture was taken, so he is missing.

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