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RPG Weekend I


Date:26, 27, 28 April 2002
At:Hugo's (thanks to my parents for being on holiday!)
People:Stijn, Koe, Rob, Matthijs, Hugo, Marcel, Jake

Friday night: Vampire: The Masquerade (ST: Jake)

Report by Hugo

We vampires attended the event of the century. It was nice, until Matthijs scared away the prince of the city by being more stylish than him. Somehow we winded up trying to find some badguys. We found them, kicked their asses and split.

— Hugo

Addendum by Jake

Being the Storyteller, I can perhaps shed some more light on this. My main goal here was to emphasize the mood of Vampire, rather than going for the system. The story therefore lacked a good begin, middle and ending, especially an ending.
I think I succeeded rather well in establishing the feel of Vampire, or at least my version of Vampire. The room darkened, with only a few blood-red candles burning. I judiciously made use of background music and even had some props: a page of character portraits from The Art Of Vampire: The Masquerade and an artificial red rose. The characters were slightly adapted character templates from my many Vampire clanbooks — about the one and only time I got to actually use those.
Used background music:

  • Interview With A Vampire Soundtrack, by Elliot Goldenthal
  • Sleepy Hollow Soundtrack, by Danny Elfman
  • Carmina Burana, by Carl Orff for the Elysium Scene and the Entrance of the Prince.

— Jake

Saturday morning: GURPS Discworld (GM: Matthijs & Marcel)

Report by Hugo

We were sent on a mission by the toothfairy guild to retrieve teeth from a changing child. Others had been sent to do it, but resistance was appearently fierce. We were equipped with teethpliers, fairy wings and a small sack to put the teeth in.

We arrived at an ancient manor, and managed to get inside in various stupid ways. We finally located a cellar, followed that and wound up inside a maze. After succesfully traversing the maze, we stood eye to eye with daddy vampire. After threatening to pull his teeth, he got pissed and attacked. In the commotion we managed to pick up the teeth from his daughter and tried to bash through a door - unfortunately we weren't smart enough to bash through a door. Luckily, someone was smart enough to be able to pick up a dwarf. So, all's well that ends well :)

— Hugo

Saturday evening: WEG Star Wars (GM: Jeroen)

Report by Hugo

We started out at Rebel HQ with the big meeting the rebels have before their run on the death star. After that meeting, we were taken aside. Our captain informed us that besides the beautiful talk just there, the Death Star was protected by a shield generator, making the dreaded trench run useless unless that generator was knocked out. We were selected to perform that task.

The rebels had acquired an imperial shuttle, which we used to land inside the Death Star - of course all (but the protocol droid) dressed up as storm troopers. Once inside, our droid quickly figured out where we were supposed to go, so we went there. On the way, I found an abandonded lightsaber and a brown cloack... Weird.

Without too much trouble we entered the restricted area of the Death Star. Suddenly we were discovered, and we had a running shoot-out. We managed to find temporary safety (thanks to our droid who was at our ship interfacing with the Death Star's computers) inside a hangar. Of course we shot the the door mechanism, thus buying us some time. We turned around, and saw two TIE-fighters and a weird new craft we hadn't seen before.

Suddenly we were once again targeted for destruction by storm troopers in the control room. We took the control room. Our droid informed us that our target was nearby, by taking a side door from the hangar we would be almost there.

We ran into one of the Death Star's aerial defences and a crew to back it up. With cunning and luck and bravery, we triumphed there, only to be shot once more by storm troopers guarding the shield generator. We ran towards them, me deflecting some blasts with my saber (YIHAAA) and convinced the storm troopers to quit breathing.

We managed to take out the shield and just get away before the Death Star exploded.

— Hugo

Sunday morning(ish): In Nomine (GM: Stijn)

Report by Hugo

We angels were on earth to stop demons from making people go bad. We were all present at the Arc of Triumph (in Paris) when a car crashed. As we rushed to aid, another car stopped and out came someone with a big sword intent on killing any survivors from the accident. We fixed him though.

Later, we met up with representatives from our archangels in the bar 'The Seventh Heaven', and were sent on a mission to find out what the bad guys were up to. We did so and found them hanging around the Notre Dame and followed them into an office in a building near the Notre Dame. Combat ensued, and one badguy got away, but we destroyed the other.

— Hugo

About follow-ups

It's worth noting that a group of us got inspired by this game and decided to play a mini-campaign of it. That was run by Stijn and me. Maybe we'll add something about this later elsewhere on the site.

— Jake

Sunday: Toon

Players:Matthijs, Rob, Jeroen, Hugo

Report by Hugo

We played cartoon figures in the style of "Tom & Jerry" and "Loony Tunes". As we were all pretty wasted after this intense weekend, I can't remember much from the story. We played the adventure 'Surely you Joust'.

On the game

Toon is a fast-paced, simple to learn kind of RPG. It's aimed at slapstick fun (as are the cartoons it's based on). I like the gizmo item (it is any one thing you want when you use it - then it's gone) and the boggle rule (if your turn comes up and you're silent too long, you character boggles and the game proceeds).

I'd still like to see a game when most people are more awake and we haven't already (unintentionally) played a slapstick RPG yesterday.

— Hugo

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