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Adventure! Character

(Dit geeft een idee van de mogelijkheden van Adventure!. Probeer hier niet om zelf characters mee te maken, want dat gaat niet lukken :-) Gebruik het maar om ideeen te krijgen voor je character concept dat je aan mij doorgeeft. Dan maak ik het character wel.

Character Creation


First We create a standard person from the 1930's

Player Name
Character Name
Character Gender
Character Nationality

All self-explanatory and feel free to fill in whatever.


Your Origin is the life that your character lead before becoming the adventuring hero they are today. Choose one that closely suits your character's history and then choose one of the two 'background' traits that are associated with that origin and assign a single spot to it on the character sheet (bottom left). Backgrounds are given a brief description further down.

AboriginalAustralian Aborigine, Bedouine, Inuit, PygmyCipher or Menagerie
ActivistAnarchist, Suffragette, Communist, AnarchistInfluence or Reputation
AcademicScientist, Teacher, Librarian, MonkBacking or Sanctum
CreatorDancer, Circus Acrobat, Stage Magician, MusicianInfluence or Reputation
DefenderMuckraker, Politician, Police Officer, MissionaryContacts or Influence
ForeignerDiplomat, Immigrant, Royalty in ExileAllies or Resources
GamblerCard Sharp, Bookie, Stuntman, BarnstormerContacts or Mentor
High ClassDuchess, Business Tycoon, Eccentric MillionaireFollowers or Resources
Low ClassRevolutionary, Criminal, LabourerCipher or COntacts
Middle ClassChauffer, Greengrocer, Police Officer, AccountantAlly or Contacts
MilitarySailor, Soldier, Pilot, MercenaryBacking or Followers
MysterySpy, Fugitive, Amnesiac, OrphanCipher or Nemesis
OutlawMobster, Bank Robber, Fuguitive, SmugglerContacts or Reputation
PhilosopherScientist, Poet, TheoristFollowers or Sanctum
PioneerArtist, Inventor, ExplorerGadget or Reputation
SaintPriest, Moralizer, SamaritanFollowers or Influence
TinkererMechanic, Watchmaker, InventorGadget or Sanctum


Choose a Nature that closely describes your character. They're pretty self-explanatory and people who've played White-Wolf games before will recognise them.

Hot Shot


Attributes are organised into three columns: Physical, Mental and Social.
Physical consists of Strength, Dexterity and Stamina. Mental consists of Perception, Intelligence and Wits. Social consists of Appearence, Manipulation and Charisma.
Prioritise the three categories by deciding which column is most important to your character and which is secondary and which is tertiary.


AlliesLoyal, trustworthy individuals you can turn to. The higher the score, the more the contacts and more powerful
BackingThe higher the score, the higher the standing an individual has in an organisation, secret or otherwise
CipherThe higher the score, the more of a mystery your background is and the less chance enemies have of getting any info on you.
ContactsThe higher the score the greater number and more powerful people you have to contact for info or favours
FollowersThis gives you servants and people indebted to you
GadgetThe higher the score the more wonderful and unusual the device. This will need some working out before we start play.
InfluenceThe Higher the score the more influence you have. 5 spots is international!!
MenagerieYou have 1 to 5 able and totally loyal animal companions
MentorYo uhave someone like yourself who is more powerful and more experienced to turn to for advice and help. The greater the number, the more powerful the the mentor
NemesisYou have an arch enemy. The higher the score the more legendary your rivalry.
ReputationThe higher the score, the more famous/legendary you are
Resourceswealth - the higher the score the more wealth. 1 spot: comfortable income/savings - 5 spots: Millionaire
SanctumYou have a safe place like a secret base or a country retreat - the higher the score the better the place


Now we have created a basic person from the 1930's we need to now transform them into the inspired, international adventurer that they will be when the game commences.
There are three different types:
Heroic - The 'Daredevils' - who use courage and wits to resolve situations.
Psychic - The 'Mesmerists' who use psychic abilities and 'magic'
Dynamic - The 'Stalwarts' who are the two-fisted types that use braun to resolve situations.

Now decide which is your primary Inspirational facet. These are the three different scores that describe the manner of a character's inspiration. They are Intuitive, Reflective and Destructive.
Each gives specific advantages in the game. You will notice each has a five-spot track at the bottom of the page. Don't worry about filling that in just yet. That will be dealt with at the end.
The three types are as follows:
This kind of character is impetuous. A doer not a planner. Intuitive characters recieve the following advantages.
'Enhanced Initiative' - Permanent bonus to initiative rating equal to Intuitive Facet rating.
'Fast Thinker' - You may spend an inspiration point to add your Intuitive Facet rating to any roll that involves an instant mental reaction.

Reflective - This kind of character is calm, contemplative and reliable. Reflective characters gain the following advantages:
'I Can Wait' - Add Reflective Facet dice to any Endurance, Resitance or Willpower rolls.
'Good Things Come...' - An Inspiration point may be spent to add the reflective Facet dice to any roll concerning extended effort.

Destructive - This kind of character is direct and unstable preferring to destroy than to build. Destructive Advantages are thus:
'Things Fall Apart' - Destructive Facet may be added as automatic damage successes for one attack per game.
'The Centre Does Not Hold' - An Inspiration point may be spent to add destructive dice to any roll concerning the destruction of a non-physical item (such as a plan, theory, government, marriage)


It's now time to spend your Transformation points to boost your character beyond the norm.
You have 13 points and they can be spent in the following way:

2 Attribute Spots cost 1 Transformation Point. However, no attribute may exceed 5 spots.
5 Ability Spots cost 1 Transformation point. Abilities may now be raised beyond three spots to a maximum of 5.
Ability Mastery costs 1 Transformation point but the character must first have 5 spots in that ability. No more than three abilities may be at Mastery level. Mastery level can only be purchased once for an ability and gives the ability a sixth spot. Mastery Level Abilities are required for making 'Super-Science' inventions (more later).
4 background spots cost 1 Transformation point. Maximum a background can be is 5 spots
1 Background Enhancement (see later) costs 2 Transformation Points. The Background must already have 5 spots before it can be enhanced.
2 Willpower spots cost 1 Transformation points. Maximum Willpower is ten spots. Willpower points should be entered into the permanent track. Don't worry about the temporary track until the end.
1 Permanent Inspiration spot cost 1 Transformation point. Maximum of 5 at present.
3 temporary Inspiration pool spots cost 1 Transformation Point. No Limit.
A single heroic Knack (see later) costs 2 Transformation points.
A single Level 1 Psychic or Dynamic Knack costs 1 Transformation point.
A single Level 2 Psychic or Dynamic Knack costs 2 Transformation point.
A single Level 3 Psychic or Dynamic Knack costs 3 Transformation point.


Depending on what branch of Inspiration you chose, Heroic, Dynamic or Psychic, you may buy 'Knacks' related to that particular branch and ONLY that branch. Knacks are particularly astounding abilities that characters posess, allowing them to do the daring and incredible things that they do.
Knacks are bought using Transformation points (see above) and are somewhat more complex than presented here. I've tried to describe them as best I can but you can get more info when we start.
Knacks are NOT heirarchical. Although Psychic and Dynamic Knacks are listed in levels a character may purchase a knack from any level without purchasing lower ones.

Heroic Knacks

Complete PrivacyIt is virtually impossible for someone to spy or eavesdrop on you2 spots in Stealth and Subterfuge or 3 spots in Cypher
Death DefianceSurvive certain death against all oddsWillpower 8
Dramatic EntranceCreate a severe first impressionAppearence 3
Eagle EyesIncredible eyesightPerception 3
Enhanced ImpactSend your opponent staggering with each blow. This Knack must be bought seperately for one or more individual abilities which are: Archery, Brawl, Firearms, Martial Arts and Melee. You must state which ability the Knack is purchased for.Prerequisit
Fists of StoneExtra hard punchesStrength 3
ForgettableIt's not that you don't make a good impression it, it's just that no-one seems to be able to describe you once you are gone. Good for secret identities!none
GadgeteerYou can figure out how to use simple devices intuitively and in seconds!Intelligence, wits and inspiration 3
Indomitable WillYour mind is a fortress toa ll would-be invadersWillpower 8
Instant ExpertYou only need to have seen something done once to be an expert at it. Costs a willpower pointWits 3
Jack of All TonguesYou speak a number of languages and pick up new ones easilyIntelligence 3
Lie DetectorYou can tell when someone is lyingPerception 3
Lightning ReflexesSuperfast reactionsDexterity 4 or Wits 4
Master of DissimulationBluffing, fast-talking, blagging. Selling sand to Arabs etc etc...Wits 3 and Manpulation 3
Navigation HazzardMakes vehicle chases easier for you and harder for your pursuers or quarryThree spots in a transport related ability (animal handling, drive or pilot) and at least one spot in destructive Inspiration facet.
One-Man ArmyYou are comfortable taking on more than one opponentBrawl, Martial Arts or Melee 3
Perfect PoiseYou always appear unruffled and calm and composedWillpower 7 or wits 3
Resilient'I Ain't got time to bleed!' You recover from your wounds rapidlyStamina 3
Steely GazeYou can make most people, especially ordinary folk wither under your unbreakable glare Charisma 3
Trick ShotPerform awkward or hampered range attacks with greater easeFirearms, Archery or athletics 3
Universally DeadlyIn your hands any weapon becomes deadly. Even if you've never seen the qweapon before you intuitively know how to use it effectively.Melee and Firearms 4
UntouchableYou are unbelieveably hard to hit, seemingly dodging bullets!Atheletics or martial arts 3 plus dexterity 3
WheelmanIncredible driver capable of performing unbelievable stunts in vehicles or mounts. Must be bought seperately for one or more transport related ability (Drive, Pilot, Animal handling)Three dots in the specified ability

Level 1 Psychic Knacks

Brain SkimmingYou can read surface thoughts
Command VoiceMake people obey verbal orders without question
Marked ManYou can 'mark' an individaul and instinctively know where they are in the world
Perfect TranslationYou understand what people are trying to say even if you do not speak their language
Psychic Handpush, pull or move small objects such as switches or coins
Scientific ProdigyYou can network the minds of peers and coleagues for a greater breadth of knowledge in problem solving
Telluric ResonanceYou are highly sensitive to telluric energy
Thermal ManipulationYou may regulate your body temperature to stay cool in the desert and warm at the poles.

Level 2 Psychic Knacks

BrainstormDirect Mind-to-Mind attack
Cloak of DreadYou can make yourself seem particularly fearsome and intimidating
Evil EyeYou may hex another character
Flame/Frost ConjurationYou can start fires and freeze the air with a snap of your fingers
Hypnotic Presenceeasily place individuals into a light hypnotic trance
Inspirational AuraYou have the ability to inspire and motivate people
TeledigitationYou can manipulate and move objects with a degree of articulation

Level 3 Psychic Knacks

Cloud the MindYou are able to cloak your presence from an individual
MindhammerExtremely powerful psychic mental attacks
Psychic ControlAlter the thoughts and memories of an individual
Psychic SynergyNetwork the minds of minions so that they appear to act as a single unit
Sleight of WillTransport objects instantaneously from one location to another
Touch of LifeHeal severe wounds.

Level 1 Dynamic Knacks

A Single BoundMighty leaps beyond the norm
Cool HandYou are steady and controlled even in the most stressful of circumstances
Heightened SensesHeightened senses!!
Mad ScientistAn exceptional inventor
Man for All SeasonsYo uare comfortable in all extremes of weather and atmospheric conditions
PowerlifterSuperhuman Strength
Sex SymbolSimply Irresistable!
Superhuman ReflexesHands faster than striking cobras!

Level 2 Dynamic Knacks

Aetheric VisionYo uare atuned to invisible energies and lightwaves beyonds the visible spectrum
Blazing SpeedYou can move and perform actions at blinding speeds
BlindfighterAble to perform normally in total darkness
Optimized MetabolismYou are extremely fit and young looking for your age
PiledriverPunch through brick walls and iron girders!
Sun Tzu's BlessingAn innate sense of strategy and tactics
Touch of the MusesYou are an extremely gifted artist or performer

Level 3 Dynamic Knacks

Body of BronzeYou are exceptionally resiliant to all attacks!
Indisputable AnalysisYou are a regular Sherlock Holmes!
Man of Many FacesYo uare able to adjust your features to look like a different person
Reptilian RegenerationYou can regenerate severe, mortal wounds and lost limbs in a matter of days.
Sensory FilteringFilter out ambient noise to hear a specific conversation in a crowd or smell amongst others or become immune to blindness from flash flares etc...
Threat AwarenessYou are aware of imminent attack

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