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After the overwhelmingly succesful RPG Weekend II, Jake put in a lot of effort to get the ball rolling once more. The result being (obviously) RPG Weekend III. An RPG weekend is a couple of friends playing multiple RPG's in one weekend. It's cool, if you like roleplaying :)


Date:2, 3, 4 May 2003
At:Mark & Diana's (thanks for putting us up)

Friday - GURPS Japan

Players:Diana, Wiko, Bras, Rob, Hugo

Report by Hugo

My ronin hooked up with several other outcasts to raid a ceremonial caravan. Of course, this being dishonorable, my ronin had no intention of doing this, but one of the asswusses he'd hooked up with was a wizard who needed to be taught justice/honor.

Suddenly, a group of Akoma samurai approached us. One called me a (and I quote) 'dishonourable dog', to which I replied that his wordings displayed the poor wisdom of his master in choosing him as a samurai. At this he insulted me and my recently dishonourably murdered daimyo. In other words, combat ensued.

The dishonourable dogs (my companions) had begun attacking samurai. What a brazen display of unawareness of the dishonour this brings to their forefathers! Peasants attacking samurai, tsk tsk.

The session ended with the wizard and the rest getting what they deserved, my honour and the Akoma's life intact and the ceremonial procession unviolated by thugs.

— Hugo

Saturday morning - 7th Sea

Player:Marcel, Jake, Bras, Jeroen de Oude

Report by Hugo

Marcel and Jake's char were "competing" for a lady Elisabeth's hand. This lady's jewelry was stolen. As it turns out, her uncle is a captain with the musketeer and he asks two trusthworty, promising musketeers to help recover the jewels.

The tavern they players are in when they learn this is accosted by Jake's arch-nemesis, Signor Monrossi, and a contignent of the Cardinals Men. Battle ensues with the players and Monrossi wooping butt bigtime.

After following several leads and a balcony serenade to the lady by Marcel, the characters are invited to meet with Elisabeth at a formal dance at the royal palace. They go there, Marcel manages to piss Elisabeth off and suddenly Monrossi swings down from the balcony, swoops up Elisabeth and makes for an escape.

The two musketeers present are charged by the King himself to personally ensure a swift and safe return for that poor child. Jake's char apologizes to the King for the insult delivered by a fellow countrymen of his and begs the King to allow him the privilege of subjugating this foe for him. Moved, the King grants this.

They follow the trail to a large boat, swing around a lot and woop general butt. Marcel gets the girl and everything turned out cool.

On the system

Drama dice rock and encourage coolness :) Battles should really be with brute squads and not with henchman - and even then, keeping them short is hard. Getting players to make up scenery to use to their advantage is hard too.

— Hugo

Saturday evening - Buffy

Players:Diana, Ferry, Matthijs, Jake, Koe, Hugo

Report by Hugo

At school, journalism 101 teacher Giles gives an assignment to Riley, Cordelia, Xander, Willow, Oz and Buffy. They're to do investigative reporting on a triple homicide that occurred last night near the Bronze. After following a couple of leads, the group meets at The Bronze to discuss progress. As they leave they notice a couple of hot-looking latex-clad horny chicks beating up some poor guys. It turns out they are vamps. We dust them (well, one escapes) and call it a night.

Next morning we follow more leads, head out to the crime scene and find no real leads. We decide to lure the murderer into attacking Oz, Riley and Xander. So that night, the unlikely group of Oz, Riley and Xander walk out of the Bronze, pretending to be slightly drunk. Suddenly, three vampires appear. Another battle ensues, we win once more. An eerie spooky ghost started cheering the vamps on before they were dust. We check out what that could be, find out it's a restless spirit whose soul was away when his body was decapitated and decide to fix the problem.

We dig up his head, ruining one memorial monument at graveyard #17 and proceed to graveyard #2 to dig up the rest of his body. As the undead arises, we chop it to pieces and hightail it outta there before the cops are onto us. Giles is pleased and we get A+'s, enough for Riley to be allowed into school next trimester.

On the system

Playing the original cast is nice for a oneshot, but so many things happen between them, that it is very important to know how they feel about eachother from the outset. The system runs smoothly and is actually rather cool.

— Hugo

Saturday night - Baron von Münchhausen

DM:nobody (not needed)
Players:Bras, Rob, Marcel, Jeroen, Matthijs, Stijn, Ferry, Jake, Hugo

Report by Hugo

You had to be there. Besides that: Depressive sun, making Mozes' crossing of the Red Sea look like a trifle, Saving Santa with laundry, Slagroomvlavulkaan, unhappy tower, burned bones of Djengis Khan...

On the system

This rocks! Bragging made into a drinking game! But I dislike the formality of the coin system - just bragging is cool enough for me :)

— Hugo

Sunday afternoon - Adventure

Players:Maartje, Matthijs, Marcel, Hugo

Report by Hugo

The Red Eye had been stolen in the museum of Caïro! Some members of the Æon Society hurried to the British Royal museum to ensure the safety of it's counterpart. They were foiled, a car chase evolved, we won.

Following one of the leads, we ended up in Dr. Krigatoff's mansion. He asked us to join him at his bungalow in the jungle of Brasil. As said we did (Matthijs's char acquiring a transatlantic flight company in the passing :) and finally we flew over the Amazon Jungle to locate his bloody bungalow. The guy really gives poor directions, you know?

We got attacked by flying dino's, defeated and/or evaded them only to be attacked by dino's on the ground. They were easy targets for our Lara Croft-alike engineer. We got to the bungalow, everyone but Hugo's char needed to clean up and then we had dinner. The evil villain explained his plot and mentioned that he had drugged our food. A poor excuse for the appallable taste. Our doctor realised that the sidedish of green leaves were the antidote to his poison, and so the villain quickly left as a couple of ninja's tried to finish us.

Big action scene, shoot bad guy dead from afar, escape in boat with the Red Eye only moments before his entire complex explodes.

On the system

The streamline feel is definately there. You roll much dice, but not too often. Getting the right feeling for the setting was pretty hard after a day full of it and sleep deprivation, but we managed that part pretty well imho.

— Hugo

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