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Deon Ridgeway

Sometimes you just have to settle for less.
Deon was born into a family where just about every member was associated with the Imperial Navy. As a matter of course, Deon took that path as well. The Navy suited Deon, who doesn't like thinking about things too much. Just point him to the thing that needs destroying and Deon makes sure the job gets done.

However, things went from bad to worse for Deon's squad during the Battle of Io in 2362. They were pinned down on an artificial hill, with enemy forces surrounding them. Desperate times call for desperate measures and Deon willfully overloaded his flak-cannon.
When he regained consciousness, the battle was over, Deon's right eye and arm were destroyed and he found himself prisoner of the Seperatists. After two weeks of captivity, the gunner was freed when the Navy finally defeated the Rebels in the Second Battle of Io.

Deon was psychologically scarred by his physical handicaps, and deeply ashamed by his capture. After being dismissed from the medical ward he tried retirement. No-one had prepared him for the life of a civilian, and his family didn't support him either. After a series of increasingly violent incidents against his few remaining friends and his surroundings, Deon returned to the only family he ever really had: the Navy.
The Navy didn't ask any questions but patched him up with some military-issue cybergear. Deon demurely accepted the treatment and before he could say 'rehab' found himself in the R&D facilities of Jupiter as part of a science team.

Our hero has since tried to prove himself as a worthy heir of the family traditions. Having felt his own mortality, Deon is not planning on holding back. Indeed, he pushes himself hard, to what some have called reckless or irresponsible behaviour. "Better to die in a blaze of glory than to fade away," Deon thinks.

Name:           Deon Ridgeway
Species:        Human
Profession:     Combat Spec
Level:          1
Born:           February 15, 2332 Earth Reckoning

  Strength:      13
  Dexterity:     12
  Constitution:  10
  Intelligence:   8
  Will:          10
  Personality:    7

Action Check


  Broad Skill
    Speciality (ranks):

    Throw (2):

  Heavy Weapons:
    Direct fire (3):

  Ranged Weapons:
    SMG (3):

    Resist Pain (2):

Discarded Broad Skills:
  Vehicle Op

Game data:
    Reckless:   4
    Old injury: 4
    Poor looks: 3

  Subdermal Weapon Mount

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