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Session 1 (Surtur)

Played on December 3, 2006

Flann's Crossing, Vlirii 30, 863

It was a nice evening, only a couple more hours and it would be Bloomfest. We spend the night drinking ale and listening to Alora. She was singing some weird mostly made up songs about us. We had a nice group now, other dwarfs are always good drinking compagnons. Only that little one, Lilsy, is little weird, but i guess i could get used to that. When we all were drunk enough, we went to bed.

Flann's Crossing, Bloomfest, 863

After two hours of sleep i woke up. I started to look through my spellbook and thought about which spells i would need for the long range and the combating competitions. I heard yesterday that long range would be 300 ft, so i guess i was going to use fireballs for that. In the morning i woke up everyone so they would be in time for the competitions. We had a good breakfast and went to the festivities.

The day started with some long range targeting. This would be easy, since you don't miss much with a 20-ft radius fireball. Well, it was a little harder then expected because they put some spell resistence on the targets. Besides that it still looked like they were not really prepared for it, i mean, letting a gnome carry the target?! He was lucky that he wasn't turned into a big gnomeburger. At least they learned quickly and made everything very wet everytime before my next castings.

Then it was combating tiem. I had to fight a big barbarian. He was a nice practicing target. First i easily immobilized and paralysed him and then it was just casting some other spells and the fight was done. No idea why the audience was booing, i thought it went great. The fights of my compagnons also went pretty good. B'redaru easily won from a farmer, Lisly won the fight from another little too enthousiastic halfling and Thror easily won his fight.

Then, drinking time! B'redaru was competing there and he had a good start. And, as expected from a dwarf, he also ordered some meat with it, since you can't drink without a good meal! It all looked like it was going good. It was him and two others now, and then another one dropped out. Only a female dwarf and B'redaru were left now. More beers were brought to the table and when i looked to the table again B'redaru was lying with his head on the table. The female dwarf won, a though one.

Then the second round from the combating. Thror had to fight Lisly, and of course the dwarf won. I had to fight B'redaru, who was a little less drunk now. This wouldn't be that hard. His armor wouldn't protect him against my magic. So we started first trying to immobilize each other, but we both failed, then i started casting every single spell i got memorized, but B'redare kept calling his goddess for healing. She must have really liked him, since he still wasn't down when i had used all my spells. I tried stabbing him after that with my dagger, but it was impossible to penetrate that armor. Glad that someone with so much healing power was on our side.

So now it is FINALE TIME! B'redaru vs. Thror!

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