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Session 2 (B'redaru)

Played on December 10, 2006

Flann's Crossing, Bloomfest, Kroz 1, 863

After having defeated Surtur in combat, well combat was it combat or just a waiting game? I had to do another fight, my head was still throbbing and I was still feeling wobbly, why in Yisha's name did I sign up for this. This is the last one I think, I don't really care about winning, just showing the world my steam powered armor and it's powers is enough for me. One more fight, just some headbashing of someone. I have no idea who it is I am to fight, I can't really think straight and I haven't really been paying much attention to the other fights. Ah well, let's get it over with. I marched my behind back into the arena, well mostly it was my armor doing the marching and me just following with it.
And who stands before me there already patiently waiting? It's young master Thror looking pretty eager to have a bash at me. Shouldn't have hardly come as a surprise to me that I would be meeting with another of my friends in here again. We are highly trained adventurers of this world and are even sung about, even if it is by a silly human bard. This was going to be a long one, I truly hope we can make it look good enough for the watching crowd as this might turn into a boring one again. How true was that, it lasted for ages, both of us waiting for our protection to fail, though there is not much that can easily penetrate Yisha's armor, specially when it's blessed with more of Yisha's warmth. Though Thror wields a mighty axe and his mustles are like stone it was just a matter of time his protection spells failed him and my steady hammering of my mace would tire him down.

Ahhh, glad that that was over, I could get back to easing my headache with some more lovely ale again. I was through fighting that day, at least that's what I thought. Halfway through my drinking I was disturbed again. They had one more fight for me, the final they told me and here I thought my day was finished and I could enjoy myself some more.
They dragged me up and into action again, they gave me some more of whatever they did to clear my head again and there I was walking back into the arena again. One more fight, one more time and then I could surely go and have my fun with my ale and maybe I'd see that lovely female dwarf again, the one that so easily outdrank me. As I arrived at the centre of the arena another figure entered the arena too with a loud explosion of cheers and hails. It was the local captain of the townguard, dressed in shiny full plate armor. I could hardly defeat the town's main defense, that would not be good for morale and safety. And after a short while of bashing each other against the armor, which both didn't much notice I decided that this had been enough spectacle and I would bend my knee to this grand man. I took a step backwards and went to one knee proclaiming my surrender and Frolm's victory. He gentlemanly took the queue and chose to honour my surrender and accept his victory. I remember having a few drinks with him and him raising my hand too when he his name was called through the arena as a victor of this years tournament. Good chap that man is. I also vaguely remember the local wizard not being there at the celebrations and even worse him not being there when the fireworks should have gone off. This was properly and beautifully saved by friend Surtur and that happy halfling doing some great fireworks of their own choosing. Fireballs and exploding phlogiston and whatnot. The crowd went wild they said.

Flann's Crossing, Kroz 1, 863

The next morning started of pretty badly when that silly jolly bard woke us up and told us we were needed by the Magistrate for something or another. I had no idea what she said and how she convinced my friends, but I followed nontheless.
We arrived shortly at the magistrate's building in the centre of town, a building far too big for comfort, but I guess that's something them big ones like. Led by Allora to the magistrate's officve and let inside by Frolm himself, we were wondering what it was about. It seems that the magistrate, an elf looking pretty darn worried, was a lot more concerned about the wizard being missing than the missing fireworks and the salesmen who didn't have a chance to sell their precious wares to the wizard. This he wouldn't tell us if Allora was around so he politely asked her to give us some time alone. It seems the wizard was doing more for the town than just some fireworks every year, he was actively helping with securing the northern borders of these lands and with him gone the swamp to the north might start giving Flann's Crossing troubles again. And he politely asked us to investigate this matter. As was expected from some of my friends they immediately started asking for rewards and payments, but I guess everyone needs payment in some way or another. For me it was helping Yisha with anything and everything that was needed and after some short consultations with her I was easily swayed to have a look at this wizards place and see what might have happened. It seems tha going to the tower of this wizard would pay of my time and help me with Yisha's quests.
So the next morning after we were properly provisioned and ready to go we left Flann's crossing and went our way to the north, of to find this tower in which the wizard would live. Why anyone would want to live in a swamp, I still don't know.

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