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Session 3 (Surtur)

Played on December 17, 2006
In search of the wizard

Flann's Crossing, Kroz 1, 863

The ground started to become more and more muddy and soon my boots started to sink further into the ground with each step. We reached the swamp. Urdos led us north and he was trying to find tracks of the wizard. Lilsy was running around screaming and B'redaru's armor was making noise as always. At least we didn't have to look for those creatures this way, they would find us first.

The swamp started to get more and more wet and more pools of water appeared. Then we reached a point where we had to cross a water which blocked our path. A little swim shouldn't hurt us, but B'redaru refused to go into that water. Well, i could imagine that his armor would sink as fast as a black dragonscale in a bottle of imp blood. So we decided to follow the water to the west until there was a spot where we could cross it. When we found one i jumped over it like most of us. But some tried walking through it and even B'redaru's armor survived it. Guess it's goiong to rust this night. We soone found a dry place set up camp, because it was getting dark fast. I went to bed.

Flann's Crossing, Kroz 2, 863

Two hours later i woke up and told Lilsy she could get some sleep. That night some very weird little lights appeared. I hadn't seen those before and i started to study them. They just floated around, like they were watching us. I even tried to touch one, but they didn't let me. When i started to prepare my spells something weird happened. It seemed like the lights didn't liked that and hurt me, so i decided to wait with that till the morning. I decided to not tell the others yet, no need to scare them for something harmless.

That morning we continues our trip as soon as possible. Urdos noticed these trees with all brokes twigs. He couldn't guess what had done that. My guess it was one of the swamp creatures. At some point Lilsy tried to scare us by jumped from behind a tree. Good thing i saw it coming and you should have seen her face when i yelled 'BOO!'. Later Lilsy was going ahead of us a lot. I didn't seem very smart from her, but there really is no way to stop her.

Then we heared a loud scream, it was Lilsy, no doubt about that. We started running to there and soon foun a little lake. Out of it come a creature with a LOT of head. Soon i realized that it must be a hydra, because the live in the swamps and have, well, a lot of heads. When we were in range Urdos started to fire arrows, so i decided to help him by making them flaming. After that i fired a magic missile. Meanwhile B'redaru arrive at the hydra and started to distract it. Soon we had it down a Lilsy jumped on top of it and was... dancing? Then i cut out his eyes. Maybe i could use them or otherwise sell them for some nice gold pieces.

At dusk we found a camping spot and soon went to bed.

Flann's Crossing, Kroz 3, 863

That night the light appeared again and somehow Urdos got awaken by his wolf and started to argue and shooting arrows at the lights. He missed on all shots. No idea why he was gettign so angry at them. I tried to ignore it mostly and get some rest. In the morning the lights disappeared just like last night. We went on our way again. I took out an eye to see if i could do something with it. Other started to ask why i got them, so i told them that if i was going to sell them, they all get a part of the money. Then, at a moment that i wasn't paying attention that damn wolf took an eye. ran away with it and started to eat it! Damn wolf, there goes Urdos part of the money. Later that day i was experimenting a little with my blood and my magic when suddenly when i looked up, a huge tower was in front of me. I looked like we arrived at the wizard's place.

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