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Session 8 (Tryane)

Played on 2004/10/17

As written by the hand of Tryane

24th Day of Danu, 999 NE

Yesterday we came across the man we were looking for in Ebou Dar. I had hoped to find our Sisters first and have their help in bringing this man to justice, but it will probably not be so. No one in this city seems to know where Naneive and Elaine Sedai are and I worry that they have met foul play. It is not very unlikely that this scarred man will have had something today with it either. Eleya managed to extract his name from a passer-by. Apparently our nemesis is called Raab Kirklin and he is of house Karistovan. We wanted to go in pursuit immediately but the nice boat-man, Abalder, who wanted to help us across the river advised us to change into some more common clothes before we went into the not-so-good part of town. Thus we started our mad shopping spree. Always a bit of entertainment, Be'hlarah and I settled for something fancy but not too conspicuous in our family colours. Even Tadra bought something new, we might make a real girl out of her yet! Eleya found some amazingly graceful clothes. All clothes seem to grace her amazing figure. I can't deny that I am a little bit jealous.

After a nice night in the inn, Be'hlarah picked up our clothes and we changed into our inconspicuous clothes. Eleya said she wouldn't wear her ring to avoid being seen! I can't imagine what's going through her head. Isn't she proud of being with the Aes Sedai? Be'hlarah and I chose to wear our rings. I can't imagine anyone spotting a ring from very far.

When we finish breakfast, we head towards the river. There, we meet Abalder again who is very keen to take us to the other side. His boat has several rowers, who take us swiftly across the river.

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