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Session 12 (Be'hlarah)

Played on 2004/11/21

As written by the hand of Be'hlarah

1st Day of Taisham, 1000 NE

Finally the ringing of the weapons has stopped, the body of a darkfriend still hangs lamely in his invisible bonds. The queen sits beside him, obviously tired from her tirade. Prince Beslan is floating around her looking around for anything that might happen.

That was quite a powerful weave or other effect; it stopped my companions in their tracks, why was I not affected? I can still see something in their eyes. But before I can think about it, a loud boom sounds from the entrance and the gate comes exploding inwards and Red Hand soldiers come streaming in. It seems Matrim is quite thorough, though a bit late, but he easily shrugs off my quip. His men quickly surround and secure everyone so I decide to release all my weaves and walk outside under the watchful eyes of 4 Red Hands. As I walk from the Theatre I can hear Tryana protesting to the way they are trying to get her outside. She really needs to grow up and start acting like an adult if she wants to become a full Sister. I can also hear some more commotion coming from behind me but I am sure they can handle it fine. When I was almost outside I suddenly feel someone taking hold of the One Power and a bright flash of light enlightens the hall behind me. I quickly turn around and see total chaos as almost everyone is stumbling around blindly. Why ever did Tryane do that? Sure in the Knowledge that it was no outside source that weaved the light I turn around again to follow the queen and prince.

When I arrive outside I see that the queen has already regained her composure and is in full control again. Hoping that my sisters and our other companions will follow soon, I climb my horse and join the group going back to the palace. The crowd looks confused at our group as we ride back to the palace, luckily the ride back is quite uneventful and we arrive quickly and safely at our destination.

A healer is quickly sent for as the servants see that the Queen and the prince are hurt. Luckily before the healer has a chance to arrive, my dear sister arrives at the scene to have a look at the wounds of Tylan. Eleya seems to give her full attention to Beslan. I almost feel helpless just standing there and not being able to do anything. I always liked to be able to use my powers for purposes such as this. I just can't seem to get those threads running through my weaves. I guess it's just not meant to be a skill for me. This keeps my thoughts busy while we wait for Matrim to bring the darkfriends before us to question them on their motives. Someone tells me something about the combat earlier, but I can't really remember what it is right now.

After a while the doors of the throne room open and Matrim and his men enter pushing Raab and Gainor before them. Matrim pushes them to their knees and takes a step backwards inclining his head to Tylin. I decided not to say or ask anything, I don't think I am good at these things. I guess neither is any of my companions as none of them open their mouths with any questions. So it falls to the queen to question their motives.
They stubbornly stay quiet though, not a word or a murmur about any question or command from Tylan. It's probably no use threatening them, as they have already given their soul to the Dark One. I don't think anything we can do will compare to the fate they have dealt to themselves by failing their dark mission.

I commend their strength, too bad they have fallen for the false promises of the dark. Foolish ideas of power and control. When the Tower is united again we shall have to strive to eliminate the world of these vile ones. I am distracted again and I just hear the last words of the Queen as she says that they are sentenced to death for high treason and will be executed tomorrow.

But I guess Tadra only heard the first part. I watch in amazement as she draws her sword and jumps for Raab to execute her own justice. Luckily others are far more alert and she is stopped before she can do whatever she was planning to do. I silently laugh as she acts innocent and talks back to the Queen as if it is just another person on the street. She is a good addition to our group, we truly need her directness now and then, but I guess she went a little too far this time. A good night's rest in a dank place might actually learn her something, though I have no idea what plans Beslan has for her as he leads her away.

As both Raab and Gainor are led of to their cells we decide it's our cue to go back to our inn and decide if there is anything more to do. We will have to contact our Amyrlin Seat and give her an update on the situation for starters.

I'm not really listening, trusting that Tryana will make a proper message to send to Mother Egwene. Thoughts are flying through my mind, was there something I was missing. Someone said something earlier that I almost immediately hid in the back of my mind. And then it fell like an anvil. I can't remember who it was that said it and how it was said. But the time during the fight that my companions were standing almost paralysed, it was because they suddenly got their memories back of the event at Furlan's Mansion. They know now, so it IS true, all that time thinking I might actually go crazy. I stammer a few words but I don't think anything coherent got out. How can they be so serious after all that? Does this mean nothing to them? Not being able to think properly or even hear what they are speaking off I walk out the door of our room without saying any word.

I don't exactly know what I did or where I went, I just knew my feet were tired and I got back at the inn in the middle of the night. I didn't even notice that Tryane wasn't in her bed when I got back. Exhausted I just dropped into my bed and slept solid for a few hours. I am quite grateful for that at least.

2nd Day of Taisham, 1000 NE

I wake a few hours later, it's still dark, but I know I won't be able to sleep anymore. So I get up to see if I can get some early breakfast downstairs. As I dress I see that Tryane's bed is empty, but being a bit grumpy I don't really think about it. Luckily the cook is already busy in the kitchen and I can get some fresh bread and cheese to eat. After a while Tadra gets down and joins me for breakfast, neither of us says anything, but that is probably because I'm not much of a conversationalist this morning.

And then the first rays of the sun start to shine through the cracks of the shutters. It is already hot and it promises once more to be an almost unbearable warm day. The door swings open and Tryane comes walking in, she looks exhausted and weary. I try to say something, but the look on her face tells me she will be ignoring me anyway. Oh! How stupid of me, how childish I am. How can I only think of myself and not of her or my companions. I've had at least all that time to live with the happenings at the Manor. They suddenly get all that and I expect them to comfort me. How totally selfish, whatever must go through their minds. And then I dissappear and go for a walkabout in the city leaving her wondering where I went. Was she searching for me all night? Did she need the walk for herself too? What a brilliant night this has been. Gainor, how dare you drive a wedge between us as big as this. I will not let this happen. I will stop being childish and go on with life. I might have to apologise to Tryane, but I don't exactly now how and what to say right now. My thoughts drift again.

Luckily Tadra suddenly starts talking as if nothing happened. We have to go and see when the execution will be and where it will happen. So comfortingly down to earth she is. I truly need this. We decide to go out and check where and what. Tadra goes upstairs to get the others while I go outside to grab some fresh air and can properly compose myself to appear strong to the world.

It seems Kheldar and Eleya will stay behind, and that only Tryane, Tadra and I will go to the Palace Square. It's already being shouted by town cryers that the beheading will take place at 2 in the afternoon and that it will take place right here.

Time passes slowly until finally the crowd is bustling and the two Darkfriends arrive at the block to receive their judgement. A true victory for the forces of good, too bad it had to cause so much pain. But I guess it will always be like that. Not that I will ever get used to death and torment. Even these two deaths seem a waste of good life, how can they go so low. I wonder if any information is still recovered from them. It's too late now though. Lost in thought again I didn't even notice that Eleya and Kheldar have joined us in the square.

The crowd goes silent as Queen Tylin comes walking to hold her speech. Nothing is elaborated in her speech, but it's just said that they are traitors of the empire and have been caught doing dark deeds. All enshrouded in longer and more political sentences, Tylin sure can make quite such a long speech without actually saying anything. After the speech she turns around and signals the headman and walks away. As if the actual death of these darkfriends is not worth her time.

As we walk back towards the inn, I foolishly ask Tryane if any of last nights plan bore some fruition. Tadra hears this and wants to start telling about how she stabbed Raab with a dagger or something. I quickly try to tell I don't want to hear anything so gruesome. Tryane luckily does the same, she does not want to hear whatever happened last night. Right she is and we can quickly make Tadra stop from telling her story. Something very stressful happened and it's not something I want to hear from Tadra. I guess this might be part of the reason Tryane went for her nightly trip outside. If she wants to talk about it, she will talk to me in time I guess.

It seems Eleya had a dream last night from our Mother, she told her that we have to find out more about who and what is behind Raab and Furlan. We shall have to investigate again. But where will we have to search? We decide that we will go first to Isana. Although if we go to the Rahad today we will have to go back in the dark. This strikes us as an unwise decision and it is chosen to go tomorrow. The dark and the Rahad just dont go well together if you are an outsider. Eleya also tells us that we do not have to search for Elayne and Nynaeve anymore. Egwene has had contact with them and they are far too busy to be disturbed at the moment. So that leaves only one task for our little group in the name of the glorious White Tower.

The day passes uneventful and I have actually been able to sleep quite well. The idea that Raab and Gainor will not be causing trouble gives me a good feeling in my heart. I didn't really get the chance to have a good conversation with Tryane. But we are sisters, we will be able to conquer everything together.

3rd Day of Taisham, 1000 NE

A beautiful day greets us this morning and we prepare to travel to the Rahad to inform Isana and see if she can help us further in our quest. As it's already been almost a whole day since the sentence, she will probably already know all about what happened. After some walking and largely due to Tadra's sense of direction we quickly find her home again and we knock on the door. opens the door and welcomes us inside. As we tell her everything she looks a lot more impressed by our actions than the last time we met. I guess we did right in her book. She actually seems quite thankful.

After actually enjoying her company and us telling our story we ask her if she can help us. She seems willing, but she has sources, but this is too far reaching for her and she can't help us. We will have to deal with this our own it seems. We will have to search Raab's estate and maybe even Furlan's manor, but that is quite a way back so we will start at Raab's home. I guess we will have to ask Tylin for permission to search his home. I don't think we should wait too long as people might actually clean it up there by accident or maybe even with darker ideas.

We thank Isana for her help and make our way back to the inn to see what our plan of action will be.

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