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Session 2 (Caitlin)

Played on 2005/11/20

As written by the hand of Caitlin

The remainder of a cold, cold day

After some lockpicking with half-frozen hands the door opened. Tadaaa! We looked into a large room, some fifty yards across, high ceiling. In it a "construct" was walking in circles. Temari called it a construct, but to me it was just a towering humanoid with heavy armour and bits of wood and stuff sticking out of it. There was no visible light source, and yet the whole room bathed in a diffuse light. Upon entering the room the thing reacted immediately and tried to hit the intruder. Before we knew it, we were fighting the construct, and however mighty my companions are, their efforts resulted in little but their own bloodied noses and various other body parts. The mighty strokes of Conlae and Yriryn sometimes resulted in some fierce cuts in the construct's body, but a few moments later and the cuts would've disappeared! It was postively troll-like. I crossed the room, carefully circumventing the behemoth and studied the door. Unfortunately, the 'door' was just a slab of stone with no sign of locks or handles.
Barely had I registered this or the construct was upon me! It had apparently turned around as soon as I reached the northern wall. Metalman struck me and I decided that I had to be somewhere else — the massive punches were more than I could take. I deftly tumbled around him towards the third door, located in the eastern wall. This door was easily picked (my hands had warmed up) and a hallway, neatly chiseled, opened up. I screamed that everybody should gather round me, but my scream was unheeded for several long moments. After receiving a healing from Temari I once again leapt into the fray. I tried to distract our foe, for many of my companions had received grievous hurts and were slow to move toward the exit. After what seemed like an hour we all gathered behind the door, which I promptly threw shut. Immediately, the screeching and lumbering died down...

We all recollected our senses and surveyed our situation. Yriryn, however, kept falling asleep — after such a fight? Urdos and I agreed that this wasn't the best place to rest so I scouted ahead. A few yards later we struck upon what seemed to be a craftman's room. Amongst the tools, several skeletons were sitting, one of which wore an chain with a large medallion. I quickly snatched that up before sweeping the rest of the room, which held no items of further interest. I studied the medallion extensively and appraised it at, say, a thousand gold piece's worth. An interesting catch, if I say so myself.
We decided to keep a watch during the night. I feared that I was to take a watch before Urdos remembered that elves need only four hours of sleep. After confirming this with Temari (Conlae had trouble with the concept of 'hour' or even 'time') I laid my bedroll on a shelf and closed my eyes. Much had happened today.

The day after a cold, cold day

After a deep sleep I awoke feeling fit and eager to explore the rest of the underground corridors. Before we could get to the task, I saw that the skeletons in the room had moved! Of course, skeletons don't just move out of themselves, being dead and all, so another explanation was needed. After some deliberation I decided that Conlae had been fiddling with the skeleton's poses, and Conlae's non-committal reply to my queries proved me right. Funny thing to do, actually.
Temari had given some thought to the whole construct thingy and wanted to test wether acid would negate the regeneration but I talked her out of it. Yesterday's encounter had left me with no appetite for another one. So I struck and walked down the corridor, finding another room before long. The room was some kind of lab, full of alchemical devices, ingredients and even some flasks with some concoctions in them. I've learned not to meddle with unlabeled flasks but Urdos seemed quite charmed with them. A pair of skeletons completed the view, and of course Conlae had to adjust their poses. Smiling I told the group that the lab instruments would fetch a pretty price if they could transport them without breaking them, something I've never managed.

That was the last room left in the corridor, so we had no choice but returning to the circular room. The construct was still walking in circles. Temari got to try her acid theory and failed miserably. However, as I watched the acid dripping harmlessly down the metal I noticed something I hadn't before: there was a symbol upon the metalman's chest that closely resembled my medallion. Hmmm... after some other experiments (where I found a touch-plate before the stone slab) it occured to me that perhaps I should don the medallion. Having done so I gave a mental command to the construct, and lo! it obeyed me! Ha! I told the construct to stand on the touch-plate after which the door opened. We moved into the new corridor, and I took the pendant off. The construct stayed on top of the plate, not even moving when I ran a circle around it. Temari explained that the construct is rather brainless and would do exactly what told, but nothing more.

Reassured that the door wouldn't close behind us, we explored the corridor, which proved to be quite long. There was another room with two notable things, the first being a mural which seemed to be some sort of map. While I copied the map onto a fresh leaf of parchment, Conlae obtained a brightly-glowing, red cape which had been draped on the shoulders of another skeleton.
At the end of the corridor there was another door, nicely decorated. Unfortunately there was no lock to pick and it opened at the slightest touch. The room behind it was stunning. It was as circular, much as metalman's lair, with a massive pillar in the middle. Behind that there was some sort of ledge on which lay a two-bladed sword. Yes, you read that right: a two-bladed sword. Why would you make such a weapon? Anyway, it hadn't helped the resident skeletons for they were, like, dead and all. Above the sword a phrase was etched into the wall which read: Bjat Ryn Vemq Axef. No idead what that means, but as Yriryn spoke the words aloud, the pillar began to glow, beams shot out from it and struck the ledge. The latter began to glow and a warm light infused the sword. After the lighting had died down I lifted the weapon from the ledge and handed it to Conlae, the only one eager to receive it and it kinda fitted with his new cape. I tried to energize my dagger, but that didn't work.
After all these marvelous things Urdos began complaining that we still couldn't exit the corridors, but I didn't see any problems there. We could always climb up the slope, back into the temple.

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