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Session 1 (Stephan)

Looking for a new home - Part I

Today, after we cleared the fort of the evil english people we head back for the ship. Some of the crew was missing, amongst them our beloved capt'n. I really hope he's alright, but Arvy's telling us, that the evil people in the fort killed him, and now Avry's the boss. As long as he doesn't think he's getting such nice meals as I always made for the capt'n, annoying git.

It seems he feels the same about some of us too. Olivia, Moe, [ferry], William, [matthijs] and me are put in a rowing boat and send away from home. I try to row back home, but the current is too strong and after a couple of hours I have to give up. Olivia already swam to the shore, getting her hair all wet and now she looks like a wet poodle *giggles*.

As we reach the shore a person comes walking to the beach. It's the capt'n! I'm so glad to see him alive and well. he tells us that evil person Arvy hit him over the head and left him there to die. We tell him Arvy took over the ship and that he had a treasure map of some sort with a big X and all.

Capt'n starts laughing as he pulls a piece of leather out of his pocket and shows us some text. Moe looks at it very interested and starts pondering something.
The capt'n explains this is the real treasure map and Arvy got the wrong one. Annoying and silly person in one *grins*. Now the only thing we need to do is find a new house and wait for the right island to float past, although I still don't understand why all these islands keep floating. Strange things going on. Must check with [ferry] someday as he's always the first to spot stuff like that, although he'll first have to come down, I won't be climbing into that flagpole to ask him.

But first we need to eat something, the capt'n looks a bit of as he got hit over the head. A good meal with cooked lobster, which Olivia just caught, should make im feel a lot better! As we leave the beach, [ferry] spots something on the horizon, they all think it might be a new house. We head back to the half destroyed fort and find the storage room. The rum supply is quickly cleared out, and I take all the ingredients to make a nice meal for everyone. As we're eating, the dot on the horizon has turned into the famous HMS Doubtless. At least that's what [matthijs] tells me.
Seems it should be able to house the seven of us, so they devise a plan on how to capture it. I have to dress up as a silly english person, and so do a lot of the others. William doesn't seem to feel comfortable in his new soldier cloths. We also dress up the capt'n and Olivia has an English flag so we can pretend really well to be english folk, and then they'll hand us the Doubtless they say.

Curious what's going to happen I grab some food for the journey and the dead governor. Apparently we also need him for the trip to our new house.

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