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Session 2 (Olivia)

A ship for the taking

Played on August 5th, 2007
As told in the voice of Olivia

April 4th, 1689

While the red-clad Imperials ran towards the fortress like the idiots they probably were, we hid a bit in the bushes. Once they were well on their way, I made a movement to get to the two guards left at the boat. I'm not sure what our plan was, but the Captain decided otherwise. He ran towards them, sword drawn. "Ooookay," I thought, "but you're not the main character in this play." Determined not to be outdone I sprinted towards the guards and indeed overtook Redfeather. We easily dispatched them, although their skill was greater than I expected. A nasty scrap. Philip even shot a poor soul in the face! I remember this clearly as he shot my target.
That surely warned their friends at the fortress and sure enough, someone cried that a squad of musketeers were coming for us. I hate those guys, still do! There's nothing dignified in kneeling down and shooting with five people at once -- just hoping that those bullets strike aim. No skill involved at all. Yes, I can see at you're faces that you've guessed what happened then... The Captain, bless his soul, got shot in the back. With the help of Steph we got Redfeather in the boat, but a ghastly wound in his back bled profusely. I tried to bandage it a bit with my crimson scarf, just moment before Philip remembered he had some bandages. Gah!
In the meanwhile Steph had taken the oars and was making good time towards The Doubtless. Our brave Manuel was gibbering something about the English signing towards the ship that we were not to receive any mercy. "Fair enough", I thought, "we'll give none either."
The map. you say? Don't worry, the map was safely in my possession. I wasn't gonna leave it in the possession of a man with a large hole in his back.

Somehow, The Doubtless didn't shoot her three rows of cannon at us and we safely arrived at the backside of the ship. No handy rope or rope-ladder was available to aid us in our ascend, but an anchor-chain is good enough for this girl, yes sir! Actually, it was a slimey and slippery chain and no fun at all to climb, but the utitily was undiminished. We all got up in the dark and damp anchor room. I could barely see anything, but the stench was almost overwhelming. That could perhaps explain why Moe was still down in the boat... Ah well, I didn't really pay any attention to him. Steph was hauling the still lifeless Captain around. With a determined kick I opnened the door of the room and entered the cannon deck. About a dozen sailors and cannoneers were looking at me. I must've made a sight to behold as I uttered the firm words: "We hereby claim this vessel in the name of the Doge of Venice." Good stuff, that, although slightly diminished by some question behind me: "Who?" "The Dokus of Venice!"
Laughter therefore greeted my cry, which was immediately cut short by the shooting of one of the merrimakers by Philip. Now the boot was on the other foot, or somesuch, and now the English crew looked somewhat frightened. One of them tried to run away, but was shot (across the length of the deck!) by Philip as well. "Well?" I queried, "What's it gonna be boys? You see what happens to those who don't obey." There's always a hero around, and he was muttering. Not liking this peson's lack of etiquette (they were supposed to surrender!) I promptly stabbed him. That sure got his attention, and a lot of his mates fled the deck. Unfortunaly not everybody had the same sense for decorum and some people with a distinct lack of dramatic education backed him up. Half a dozen against Philip and me, since the others were still messing about with the anchor. I liked the odds.

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