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Session 4 (Olivia)

Brief interlude on land

Played on September 23rd, 2007
As told in the voice of Olivia

Still April 4th, 1689

It's hard to live large or project an air of terrible competency when you're unconscious. It's even harder when you're carried around like a sack of turnips on the shoulders of a creature like Steph. Believe me, I've tried.
The execution of my brilliant plan appeared to have been slightly marred by the unexpected cleverness of the Redcloaks. Sure enough, the idiots shot down a lot of birds. But they had another row of shooty-guys with loaded guns, ready to shoot me... I was down for the count, after which my brave companions decided to mop up the firing squad. *Rolls her eyes.* Apparently, there were too many English left, so they abandoned ship, dragging my lifeless and vulnerable body along.

In a small rowboat they moved over to the beach, where, another boring discussion enfolded. Whatever, I totally missed that. Being unconscious had its advantages. Alas, I woke up! We decided to walk into the forest, but Manuel quickly came back screaming we were being shot at (or blown at, I guess) by blowpipes from unknown source. Also, he heard "hakka wakka ukka lukku." Not wanting to take language lessons *grins* we quickly strode along the beach, on towards...
a small harbour town. That was a bit of a let-down. "Victory" was far too grand a name for this dump. As we were looking for transportation across the seven seas, our eyes were automatically drawn towards the ships floating at the docks. Hmmm... some small English ships, a large Dutch galleon, and lo! a Spanish sloop seemingly tailor-made for our band.
Not that I cared overly much as I was still in a lot of pain. I was shot, remember! So we asked some scurvy dockworker to direct us to the local surgeon. The guy was a bit too familiar in attitude but at least he got us there in mere minutes. The doctor removed two bullets from my tummy. Fainting seemed like the thing to do but alas, no such luck. Ah well, at least the lead was removed from my exquisite body. Time to eat.

Promptly our party, well, parted. William and Philip went into The Broken Anchor, while the rest of us wanted something more than roasted rat and entered The Prancing Pony. More to my liking, a place of breeding. Although I must say the serving wench was a bit too popular to my liking. While I slowly regained some strength by eating a hearty meal, I chatted with two Dutch gentlemen. Obviously they were on the galleon we saw in the harbour. Have no fear, we weren't gonna take your ship. Yet. Ha!
Just when I was properly settled down and was thinking of a nice night's sleep, Moe decided to mess it up. *rolls her eyes again* Yep, you've guessed it, he decided to pickpocket one of the gamblers. He can be very subtle, but not then. It probably didn't help the bi-wench was looking right at him while he performed the deed. He skedaddled out, just when William and Phillip entered. And started to call my name... what? I was needed outside? Oi! I just got two bullets in and out of me!
I uttered some excuses to my Dutch gentlemen, and we all left the inn. The guys had decided to take over the Spanish sloop so that was on the menu for the evening. If at first you don't succeed.... you drown the Spanish present in the Anchor in wine and capture the sloop while they're pissed. The plan wasn't half bad. Minor cimplication was that Moe had run of to god-knows-where. Praying he'd return in time, and would be able to find us, we decided to get started.

The capture was pretty easy, actually, thanks for asking. There was very little resistance. The guards were quickly taken care of. And oh, Steph decided to slaughter some innocent slaves, right big boy? Not to worry! I kept a lookout at the plank for Moe while the rest prepared the sloop. Fortunately Moe is a very good runner -- we didn't have to wait long before he jumped, gasping, on board. We quickly cast off, on to riches and adventure!

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