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Session 5 (Steph)

We've found a new house

Played on September 30rd, 2007
As experienced by Steph

April 4th, 1689

The light on the horizon started floating away, it was way to dark to do anything anymore so most of us retreated to some form of sleeping place. I took the captains bed as that was just long enough so I could ly in there diagonally without having to stick my feet outside of the bed. In the same room Moe was going through the maps, when Olivia enters the room with a piece of writing. They kepe me awake for some time with their chit-chat about islands and shields and maps.

Then Manuel comes barging in, waking everybody up, talking about some noise he heard. Not much to it so I get back to sleep

April 5th, 1689

The next morning I wake up at dawn and start looking for ingredients to prepare a nice breakfast. I open up the large hatchet in the room to allow light to enter the storage room. There I find a few crates of salten meat and biscuits. Also we run into three living dark people and one very much chopped up person. Poor guy, seems he never knew what hit him. I prepare some breakfast and also fead the three guys.

Philip is also searching through the storage room and he finds some kind f device which Moe always used when we were still in the old house. He brings it to Moe along with the news about the three guys.Moer somehow can understand them and he findsout they're slaves who came from Africa. Apparently they don't know what happened to them or what killed their friend so brutally. Philip frees them from their shackles and disposes of the dead body. Moe learns that the slaves are Lumumba who's a witch doctor, Uguba his son and Romamba the son in law.

The day passes by uneventfull, especially as their's no nicve ingredients o board to make a decent meal. Together with Moe I decide we'll be visiting the first passing island to stock up on stuff because we can't go on like this for more then a day. Late in the afternoon Manuel sees an island drifting in our direction. William as the master captain he is parks the house ight beside the other houses on the edge of the island. After paying a small fee to a dutch person we're allowed to enter the town which is called Oranjestad. We quickly head for someone to patch up Olivia as she'll still not looking 100% peachy. A local doctor with an evil smirk drags her into his house and starts doing his thing, leaving us outside wondering what's going on in there. After a while she comes back outside with some nice stitches across her belly, looking a lot better then before. As there's no decent food in the storage area we decide to visit the local inn 'de Gouden Leeuw'. We eat up and take some food to the boat where Moe and the slaves were waiting. Then it's time to get some sleep again, I'll need a good nights rest if I am to go hsopping for food tomorrow

April 6th, 1689

William and Philip decide to go fishing, while Olivia and me go shopping. we head for the market where we buy four chickens so we can have eggs at breakfast every day, meat, bread, fresh water, chicken food and much much more. This should cover a one week journey.

Back at the house we learn that William and Philip met some nice ladies, although William wasn't sure about the niceness as he got hit in the head. Also the dutch guy payed them another visit, looking curiously to the backside of our house.

The next day we allow the island to float away again, 'goodbye Oranje Stad, it was a pleasant stay!'.

April 11th, 1689

Days go by, we've gotten a few eggs from both cages of chickens and we've had pretty nice lunches and dinners. But on the fifth day of this trip, Manuel calls out from his lookout position that another house is floating towards us. He says there's 10 men on board and a bunch of cannons. Philip together with the slaves shoots a hole in the side of the boat. Somehow they're now trying to drift away from us, but a few well aimed shots by Philip puts an end to this.

As we enter the boat to search it, I get shot by an ugly guy with a huge white wig. He shouldn't have done that and regrets it soon after, although I don't know if corpses can have regret. We search the whole house and find a huge load of barrels with pepper, yummy that'll spice up our dinenrs for the coming... say uhmm.... 63 years! Everything is moved to our storage room, and the three men leftover in the other house decide to join us.

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