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Session 13 (Olivia)


Played on December 9th, 2007
As told in the voice of Olivia

April 22nd, 1689

Being in the underground hallways of the chapel didn't do anything to improve our tempers. Karel and I were trying to find "our Lord Jesus" in Latin in the Bible, while the remainder of our party was busy drinking themselves into a stupor. Or, I wish they had done that. William decided to challenge Karel. Karel had defied him by not reading some pieces of paper that fell out of the Bible. Bit of an argument followed, and then Karel shot William a bit. Philip wanted a part of the action and shot Karel. BAM!
Miraculously, Karel survived that but afterwards he doesn't really remember who we were or what he had done. This helped, as he then read the pieces of paper. It appeared to be a very dull diary of him. No date was found upon it.

One of the boys offered to just read the entire Bible in front of the room if Karel and I couldn't find the correct passage. Karel did just that and upon utterance of the word "Yahweh" the door opened. Behind the door was a big room with a lot of old books and a mitre and HEAPS OF GOLD! Finally some loot.
Karel found a bit more of his log and upon this part were found some dates. 1559! Dear God, the Fountain was there after all and Karel was more than a hundred years old. Upon closer inspection, that log did look very old. But where was the fountain then, we had searched all hallways...

Just when I was wondering that, Manuel managed to find and open a secret room. It's a very pretty room with a lot of carvings in the wall and a fountain in the middle. Huzzah! The Fountain of Youth! The carvings appeared to be a verbatim copy of some part of the Bible: Deuteronomium 5:6-21. Hmm... that was the page upon which the Bible fell open. For all you heathens: Deuteronomium 5 tells us about the Ten Commandments. We filled some bottles with the water, and grabbed some of the gold in the "Yahweh" room, and stepped outside.
It was dark by now, but we decided to walk back to the beach anyways. Flush with victory, we marched through the pass. At one point, Karel started acting weirdly and even faints. Whatever. He was dragged along, while the boys kept saying they heard women singing. I'm not one for singing, unless drunk, so I had no idea what they were babbling about. After a while we came upon a wooden barricade. Weird... who would've made that? And what does it signify?
The latter became obvious very quickly... when we climbed over it, we all gained about 5 years! Gone was my radiating youth! The boys immediately grew enormous, unattractive beards... All but Karel and Manuel!? I cried myself to sleep.

April 23rd, 1689

Wearily I opned my eyes towards the harsh world. My youth was gone! What good is eternal life when you look ugly? After some soulsearching and thinking I thought that I had violated one of the Ten Commandments: Thou Shalt Not Steal and this was my punishments. I decided that I'd rather be mortal then be punished such, and together with Karel I brought back the loot towards the cloister. There I confessed my sins and prayed that God would absolve me from His punishment.
Feeling better already, Karel and I trekked back towards the barricade. With his encouragement I crossed it, and I didn't gain any more years.

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