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Session 12 (Karel)


Played on December 2nd, 2007
Narrated by the voice-over near Karel

April 22nd, 1689

"Hmmm, feeling sleepy, can that sun shine any brighter..." mutters Karel as he's standing in the doorway of a perfectly shaped grey stone building. "How did I end up here? And who are those people walking towards me?"

Five men and one woman are indeed crossing the lush green field, walking along the path leading from the chasm cut into the mountain, straight towards the building.

"Hmm they won't be here for some time, let's see if my captains log can tell me what happened in the last few days."

As the group eventually is within earshot of the building, they hear a loud "HALT!" coming from the doorway of the building, echoing through the large bowl. The muzzle of a pistol is aimed at the party, and as they move one more step forward, a shot is fired. After a few minutes of talking back and forth, the party slowly starts walking towards the entrance. One of them taking a slight detour, reluctant to walk to the building in a straight line.

Karel can't determine who's the leader of this merry band of odd folk. One of them thinks he's the captain it seems, constantly foul mouthing and smelling like rum. Then there's the posh Spaniard, he seems like the kind of fellow he could strike a deal with. If only he knew what they have in store and what he could offer them in return. Another party member who stands out is this Italian lady, she looks pretty although distracted and bored fast, and the day hasn't been that eventful yet indeed.

Eventually it becomes clear they're after the fountain of youth. "That's one hell of a money maker, if only I could get them to believe I run the place around here and sell the fountains' water for a living!" The Italian girl is almost interested when Karel explains he's been here for ages already, judging from his garments, that might not be that far from the truth.

The smelly loudmouth isn't so eager to believe him though and walks of, down the stairs along with another member of the party in search of the fountain.

After a while the final party member who took the detour also reaches the building, looking for a backdoor which isn't anywhere to be found. Some yelling later he joins the others inside and tries to also go down the stairs 'unnoticed'.

As the situation at the top floor is really getting more dreadful by the second, eventually everyone decides to head down the stairs where Karel is constantly bothered with questions where the fountain of youth is kept. His responses start to wear really thin.

The Spaniard challenges Karel to show him he really can't be killed due to drinking from the fountain. One stab from the Spaniard and one gunshot from one of the party members later, and the Spaniard is lying on the floor bleeding all over it, leaving Karel with some torn cloths but no visible marks on his skin.

The party starts searching more frantically now, but all the doors don't seem to budge. Not until the lass cuts of the Spaniards throat that is. While doing so, the door slowly swings open. There's a chapel like room behind it with a large bible lying on the altar. Two large statues flank the altar on the sides.

The group eventually discovering that the slashing the throat move opens more doors even when there's no actual throat getting slashed. A few hours of frantically searching later the result is that this seems to be some kind of small cloister in the ground.

There's a weird bowl in one of the rooms with a talking ghostlike head at the bottom. Another room makes a lot of the people nauseous as a loud voice screams inside their heads. There's also another room with a voice, but this one's a little less loud and seems to be asking a question. With some luck the woman can decipher the question. It seems the voice is asking something about Jesus in Latin.

Karel runs off to the chapel along with the woman to search through the bible for the answer to the ghosts. question. They find the bible lying open at the page they initially also found it at, even though they had closed it when they had first visited this room.

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