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Session 16 (Olivia)


Played on January 6th, 2008
As told in the voice of Olivia

April 22nd, 1689

As I said, we were fighting a Dutch ship ("De Vrijbuiter") who had already hit us with a broadside. Ouch! Manuel was in the water so I threw a line to him, while assuming a defensive stance. Since the whole curse-and-repentence thing I was not ready to go on a killing spree again. The rest of the crew had no such qualms and disabled a bunch of Dutchies. Promply John sprouted an enormous beard. The enemies ran away screaming something like "demons!" Good for us... two of them even jumped overboard.
The others then proceeded downward into the captain's cabin. I heard later that they encountered their captain who then threw a sturdy chest through the window. He tried to jump through it as well, but Philip stopped him and then "pursuaded" him to "donate" his ship to Philip. Yes, our crew was getting better and better in twisting the Ten Commandments. Philip then let the captain go to go swimming.

The Dutchman had 10 rolls of the purest silk aboard, and even a survivor. He introduced himself als Jacob and claimed to be well-versed in the ways of sailing. As a reward he was inducted into the crew as our personal deck-swab.
Father Gerardus was very disappointed with most of our group's behaviour though. Even travelling to the grave of the Knight of Von Hohenstaufen might not earn the Lord's Grace, he said. Of course this triggered a disbelieving rage in Philip, William and John. "We can't do anything right!" "What use is this?" "Let's kill the priest!"
I wasn't sure. During the remainder of our trip to Rome I often talked to the Father. He wasn't really preachy, and his words spoke of benevolence. I had long felt a sort of dissatisfaction with my life, but had no idea what to do with that.

May 3rd, 1689

The curse hadn't forgotten about us, although some of us had forgotten about the less obvious points points. While tending to the ship, all of us but John and me grew yet another enormous beard. Ah... it was Sunday. No worky-worky, boys. Which left me wondering... good thing we didn't have a storm...

May 26th, 1689

While approaching the Street of Gibraltar clouds appeared and the wind quickened. Oh dear... I'm not going to tell you all the details of the following ordeal, but we almost smashed into the rocks even though William, Karel and John all struggled at the helm and we had rolled up all the sails. And when I say "we" I of course mean "they". Yes.

May 27th, 1689

Jacob mentions that we were "making water". A quaint expression, but apparently we had several leaks after our passing through the Street. The boys repaired the stuff while I directed moving our cargo to a drier place.

May 29th, 1689

We passed between Sicily and Sardinia. Manuel spotted a small ship. It bore a black flag with a red circle on it. Later he mentioned that the red circle was actually a red drop. How melodramatic. No imagination, although I was in no position to voice that opinion. We actually had a Jolly Roger in our mast...

May 30th, 1689

Men! They travel for about a month, crossing an ocean, and they never think. Or ask me things. It's obvious Rome doesn't have a harbour, it doesn't even border to the Thyrrhenian Sea. So when we docked in POrthos and I explained that we weren't in Rome yet, only in Porthos, they all cried out. Gah! Idiots!

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