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Session 17 (John)


Played on January 13th, 2008
As told in the voice of John

May 31st, 1689

So Olivia had the grace to tell us that we had not arrived in Rome but instead in a neighbouring town called "Portus". As if we hadn't had enough hardships on our way already, now we had to walk to Rome (some 20 miles!) because of course with our curse we could not borrow one of the many wagons riding on and off. So we walked until dark, about 4 hours. Man my legs hurt.

June 1st, 1689

Man what a night. First Karel started a fire to keep Gerardus warm. That got us nice and cozy so we all dozed off. Then I woke in the middle of the night so some awful howling. Luckily that quieted down as I shouted some curses their way. However after having dozed off again, I then awoke to some more howling. Apparently father Gerardus was chased by wolves. Before I knew it, Philip shot down the one biting in Gerardus' leg, Karel shot another one and Olivia stabbed the third. That sent the rest of them off. But father Gerardus was hurt pretty bad. I think Olivia watched over him for the rest of the (short) night.

When we next awoke Olivia obviously had a plan for she was standing on the road trying to get some of the wagons to stop. At last she succeeded and then she convinced the driver to take her and father Gerardus to Rome. Of course, she explicitly requested the driver not to take the rest of us! And we only understood that part of it when we tried to get on the back of the car only to find out that all the babbling Olivia had done in that strange language of this country led to us being kicked off. Apparently we had to walk while she had the easy deal. Seeing as it's a Sunday, I intend to do no such thing at all -- I don't want to grow another beard.

June 2nd, 1689

So we did arrive in Rome yesterday after all. Turned out that Karel had picked up enough of the strange language to negotiate a deal with another driver -- a candlestick out of the cursed loot from that cursed island. I thought he would be glad to get rid of it but apparently he wanted some money in return. However his language skills seemed to fail him with that.

In any case once we arrived in Rome at the gate, Olivia was there waiting for us. Maybe she really intended to all along, who knows. After telling Karel that he would have to get his money at a later time (preferably with a translator) at the drivers house (he was called Giuseppi from the El Spatula trading office), we went to see the place where she brought father Gerardus: a church called the St. Giovanni Illateranum. The monks there were taking care of him.

Once we arrived there Olivia went to talk with the father who had just awoken from his illness-induced sleep. Father Gerardus recommended us to talk to the Holy Father here in Rome. He would try to arrange a visit as soon as possible. That was about all she heard from him before Gerardus went to sleep again.

While Olivia was talking, Philip decided to walk his Stations of the Cross; inside the church where the pictures he had been looking for all along. And I'll be burned on the spot if his face didn't look a whole lot better after he had done that! So seeing as I also wanted to get rid of that stupid curse, I tried to do the same as Philip did. But all it got me was wasting a few hours while sitting on my knees whispering stupid words. I guess I really need to make a confession first, if only those stupid priests would let me make one!

With that in mind I made for the nearest monk and yelled at him until he let me make a confession. However since he only spoke that strange language I couldn't make heads or tails of his answer. Karel, who happened to be nearby, could read the book he was pointing at and told me it had something to do with offering a sheep. I decided to get me a sheep as soon as I could.

With all that stuff going on, it was already dark outside; I didn't have any place to stay so I stayed the night outside on the bench.

June 3rd, 1689

Well Olivia told us our audience with the pope was scheduled for this afternoon, but first she had to take care of something else. I went out trying to look for a sheep at the local market, but once I got there I remembered that I didn't have any money at all, and in this accursed state I still couldn't "borrow" one. I only hope the pope will lift the curse very soon. So once I returned Olivia was back too, and apparently she had bought some very fancy necklace. I think the others were suspicious about where she got it but the way I see it, if Olivia spend some of their gold, the others should have been more careful on who guards it in the first place.

Once I told Olivia what I was up to (she was inquiring) she went inside to find out what the monk really tried to tell me -- for (in her words) "they don't do offerings here". Really, what kind of religion is this? Anyway it turns out that I have to read some thing out of that book, on a specific Friday, which is, oh, like, about a year from now. WHAT?! Yeah really. I mean, what kind of religion is this? If that pope doesn't releave us of this curse as soon as possible I don't know whether he'll live much longer...

later that day, June 3rd, 1689

So the pope didn't releave us of the curse. In fact he didn't even seem to believe us. However he was dying already so there was no fun in trying to kill him anyway. And besides he told us to go to yet another person, something about the library of Saint Peter. I think he was the head of father Gerardus' order or something (oh yeah, I forgot to mention -- father Gerardus died last night. Good riddance. Although I'd have loved to kill him myself).

Anyway so we went to the library of Saint Peter. Nice place they got there. Once we mentioned what we had done he went all crazy and locked us up in a backroom. Then he asked us to show him whether it was true, and William showed him, and he was all surprised. I mean, what else could we be doing there?

He then launched into some boring story about a knight called Hofenstaufer or something, who apparently had done something during the crusades.

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