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Session 18 (Karel)


Played on January 20th, 2008
As told in the voice of Karel

June 3rd, 1689

As the story unfolds, we learn that Knight Helmut von Hohenstaufen somehow created our cursed fountain for his king Frederick the 2nd who was very sick. He was too late in finishing it however, as the king has passed away before he could drink from it.

Helmut had a cream in which he learned he had to ask the pope for forgiveness. The pope told him everything would be alright if Helmut would throw the fountain over the edge of the world, thus destroying it. The Augustine Order was then founded to assist the Knight in his duty. Nothing was heard from Helmut until February 1255 when he returned to the pope for an audience.

After some pondering we come up with the idea that getting rid of the fountain, as the knight had to do, can relieve us of our curse. To determine where the knight is, as we expect him to be alive just like us, we interrogate Johannes if there.s really not more info in the book. After a bit of persuasion, he looks up the Hohenstaufen family album. In the book is a small map of Germany with a castle located next to a branch of the river Rhine.

We ask Johannes if it.s ok to take the Hohenstaufen family album, the book describing the knight.s task and some maps, John.s fetish. Outside we discuss what steps next to undertake. Olivia determines we should ask Johannes for more information. Inside again she learns he couldn.t take more of us for one day and has started indulging in the church.s finest wines. When Olivia finally discovers him he.s all gibberish, but after some feminine persuasion, he finally starts talking coherent again.

He proposes to go to the fountain together, as a holy priest must be present to desecrate the fountain before it can be destroyed. He can even arrange a ship with a couple of cannons. Later that night we.ll meet again here to travel to Portos together.

While we wait on the steps a monk all of sudden walks past dropping a small note, Some translating later we determine that it says .watch out, betrayal!.. It took some time to translate so unfortunately the monk.s nowhere to be seen anymore.

Later that night we head for Portos. Luckily the wolves are less of a burden tonight and keep their distance.

June 4rd, 1689

We arrive in the harbor where we learn that our vessel is going to be a big one. Three masts, but also only three cannons, which leaves some of us a bit disappointed. The apparent captain, a gray fat guy welcomes us aboard.

Philip runs off to the harbor master to determine what happened to our .own. ship. A lot of talking gibberish and using hand and feet to tell a story, Philips hasn.t learned anything new and joins us again on the ship which will bring us back to the fountain of youth.

Manual clambers into the mast and joins the lookout in the crow.s nest. The lookout isn.t too happy, but some yelled orders later from the captain and we are left alone to do whatever we like. I start searching the vessel what kind of cargo it carries, a lot of crates but from the outside no way to determine what this ship is transporting to the Caribbean, beside us. Olivia is the subject of a lot of staring by the crew, one even has the courage to approach her, and invite her into his own cabin for the night. The evening of the fourth we set sail.

June 5th, 1689

We encounter a ship with the black flag with the red droplet again. When the lookout spots the ship, he signals some crew below to replace our flag. The same kind of flag is attached to the mast only this one has a golden trim. When the other ship sees this they put over the helm and sail in another direction again.

The crew of this ship is very well skilled we soon learn when we pass through the strait of Gibraltar. We first sail straight into the rocky shores, and in the nick of time the helm is turned to avoid the dangers of the rocks leaving open ocean as our goal.

June 6th, 1689

It.s still a two and a half week.s journey to our final destination, and in the meantime no one has seen the captain on deck. I do notice Johannes regularly visiting the captain in his quarters. William isn.t too happy about the captain behaving in such an uncaptainy way and decides to pay him a visit. All he succeeds in doing is talking to the captain through the closed door, with a lot of whining in response. What he does learn is that we will go straight to the island with the fountain then when done with our task, we sail on to Santiago.

We meet in our cabin and decide to talk to Johannes as the idea of heading to the island first with this ship doesn.t sound too appetizing. We.d want to go to Santiago first, so we can decide over there to either go with another vessel or proceed in another way. Johannes doesn.t want to discuss our destination with us and runs off to the upper deck, followed by Olivia.

Will and me search through the room of Johannes and find some kind of journal which he started the day we left Portos. To not arouse any suspicion we won.t take the journal but copy the whole of it. Frantically writing I finish just in time to hear from William the priest.s returning. Olivia did a good job keeping him busy up there.

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