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Thanh Sung

Mercurian of Creation in service to War

Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lightning

— Carl Douglas, "Kung Fu Fighting"


Corporeal plane: A 6 foot tall Asian male of approximately 30 years old. Friendly face, wise eyes. Dressed well.


Thanh Sung was sent to the East by Eli when the great dynasties there had formed. His task was to stimulate creativity in these fascinating new forms of government, and to acquire the skills created by these people. When investigating all facets of dynastic life, at first Thanh was abhorred by the rudimentary martial skills being developed. Suspecting demonic intervention, he travelled to early Shaolin to investigate. There he found a center of peace and learning, dedicated to lifting martial arts to a higher form by creating new stances and techniques. Intrigued, he decided to focus upon acquiring these skills and stimulate the development of martial arts.

This continued with few interruptions throughout the centuries. After the first couple of centuries, more and more Malakians and Angels of War began seeking out sensei to acquire the fighting skills. Some of these came to Thanh. Thanh was at first reluctant, but decided to help them out, leading them to masters who stimulated creativity in their students and focussed on the philosophy behind the martial arts as much as the skills themselves. Thanh has even trained the occaisional Angel, but has learned to leave this task to humans -- which helps avoid frictions between Angels.

Recently, Thanh became intrigued by the combination of martial arts and cinema. Eli's last relayed command to him was to investigate this aspect, as it stimulated both artforms into creating new and exciting possibilities. He started by getting a young street kid interested in martial arts and cinema. Thanh took great care in carefully pushing this Bruce Lee kid towards his grand goal, but the results even stunned Thanh. He took the cinematographic world and the martial arts world by storm.

After Bruce's untimely death, Thanh withdrew into contemplation for a few decades. When he emerged, he decided to become more actively involved in this blend of cinema and martial arts. The rise of Asian cinema almost kept him in the East. However, the movie "The Matrix" blasted through his awareness with unprecedented joy. Here was the culmination of martial arts and cinema! This was an expression of creativity so profound, it was not merely an extension of previous achievements, it was a new and creative artform!

Thanh therefore decided to go to the West and, at least for a few years, shift his attentions to Hollywood. As all Angels, the rumours of L.A. had also reached him, which led him to take extra precautions before journeying there. After all, there was no hurry.

Thanh started by exposing his vessel more and more, and becoming an actor in first minor and and then major Asian movies. The movies were well-received in the West as well as in the East, and after a decade or so, Thanh's vessel had garnered enough reputation to be believable as making the switch to Hollywood.

After Eli's disappearance, Thanh was assigned to Michael. Until now, his role has not changed much -- a bit more activity in unraveling demon schemes was desired, but not much more.


Thanh's main vessel is a kung-fu martial arts expert, with a easy-going and relaxed nature -- exhuming the eastern peaceful approach to martial arts, as it were. Thanh prefers to solve issues without fighting, but he is finding out that his vessel's reputation is making this harder for him. There are times when he thinks about learning the Song of Peace, but as always, this seems distasteful. If his peaceful intentions are met by hostility, so be it. Do not seek out a fight, but do not avoid one either. Michael might even like that.

What's so civil about war anyway?
— Guns n' Roses, "Civil War"



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