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Ofanim of Lightning

I ride a taxi, to nowhere
— Electric Six, "Taxi To Nowhere"


A normal looking man of average height and with dark hair. He almost always wears sneakers, jeans and a shirt (quiet often with grease stains on it).    


Wes is a cab driver. He likes racing through cities and getting from one to another point as fast as he can. He has been in a lot of cities in America. Always staying at one place for a couple of years and then driving to the next. One of the nice things of driving a cab is that people expect you to drive through red lights and ignore lane markings. Currently Wes is in Los Angeles.


Wes is a servant of Jean, the archangel of Lightning. One of the tasks he got is to experiment with new technological devices developed by other servitors of Jean. Wes only experiments devices that can be implemented in his car, like a high power, very economical new kind of engine, tires that can't go flat, a bulletproof paint job and bulletproof windows that can be made dark on command.

The latest device that Wes got to experiment with are new passenger seats. They should make the passengers calm when they sit on it, something that most passengers weren't when Wes was racing through the streets with them in the back. Maybe he can also get some of the weak-hearted in his cab now...

Wes also really likes repairing and upgrading cars. His cab looks like a standard old yellow cab. Even from the inside you won't see any difference with other cabs. The cab has been made into an artifact. This way it prevents others to take and use it and find out about some of the new technologies in it. Wes is the only one that can open and use the car. He really loves that cab.

Occasionally Wes gets asked to do some driving for other angels. Mostly when they need to get somewhere fast or know they need to do some pursuing.


Here is the txt file.
Some people wanna die young and gloriously
Well taxicab driver, hey that ain't me
— Bruce Springsteen, "Taxi Cab"

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