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Elohim of Flowers

Happy people, party people
— Dr. Alban, "Sing Hallelujah"


A huge, 6 foot 7, Jamaican guy. Long black rasta hair appearing from beneath a green, yellow and red cap. A very slender figure wearing a colorful hawaian shirt, short trousers and beach slippers. A flower necklace complements his wardrobe
He emits some kind of peacefulness which makes you feel right at home in his vicinity.


In the past Tyronne worked as a bouncer in several bars and clubs. The fortunate thing about having him around as a bouncer was that the customers almost never needed 'bouncing'. Tyronne always had a way to distinguish the friendly customers from the ones who might cause a row, as they tried to enter the club.
In the unfortunate event that something happened once inside, his mere presence would most often solve the situation. People never had to be thrown out. On the contrary, they started dancing even more frantically than they had already been doing, thus increasing revenues at the bar.

Nowadays he just visits these bars as a very welcome guest. This way he has more time to spend on his tasks for Novalis

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