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Session 9 (Vito)

Played on August 13th, 2006
Part Six of the Demons story arc

Jerusalem, August 12, 2005

While loitering at the busstation, The Godfather came round again and warned us that the police was a-gonna perform a raid on our infiltration team in the afternoon. After another overlong discussion on the course of ation we decide to warn the team and clear the place. (Luke once again spots the approving policeman during the conversation and tries to track him, but of course quickly loses him.)
Once at Infiltration's hide-out we order them to clear the place: pack everything that's evidence and useful. This is quickly done, and the mortals leave in a stolen 406. The kid and I disguise the basement as an illegal gambling den. Afterwards, Seluku and I move the boxes of stuff to a garage box which we rent on my name. Bobby, in a flash of genius, "persuades" a cleaning-help that's been working for two months at the hide-out but that she's been absent for two weeks, so her immediate presence is needed. Brilliant! This gets rid of all the marks we left and gives the place a nice alibi. (Can places have alibis?) Meanwhile, Thomas is keeping an eye on the Godfather for his protection.

The cleaning lady is called Fatima and while she's cleaning the police indeed barges in. There's a lot of confusion, as is proper in police actions. The premises are thoroughly searched, but nothing incriminating is found. Bobby's plot worked!
One Nurit Inbal is the sergeant of the police charged with the investigation. Luke in his fly vessel follows him to the police station and changes his report so that no further investigation is carried out on the hide-out -- we're unsure how solid our cover-up has been, after all.

Jerusalem, August 12, 2005: Later, that afternoon

While recuperating on a terrace and drinking a beer, I spot one of those freakin' angels that overheard us the other day, the fat guy. We leave the terrace and the chump follows. Hah! Quickly we devise an ambush in the lesser part of this cursed city. He's not entirely stupid and begins to suspect something, but then we spring our trap and hit him. Hard. Unfortunately he teleports away. Luke, still in fly form, teleports with him but I once again lose it. Frickin' asswipes! Stupid goody-goody two-shoes! Always muckin' 'bout! Bobby calms me down, and then Luke reports back. He knows where the angels are hanging out. Payback time!

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