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Session 11 (Joss)

Played on September 3, 2006

August 18, 2005

Before we turned to view the events from demons' eyes, our beloved angels had just heard that the Pope was dead...

The protagonists learned that the Pope was not dead after all, or so it seemed. After all, the Pope had been seen after the assassination... The party was summoned by Dominic, who apparently did not know the particulars either. There is a certain person masquerading as the Pope, but who and under whose orders? The orders were brief: find this out.

Omniel, however, decided to talk to Yves to get some more information. At the assassination attempt a few angels were beaten up by demons. Yves told Omniel that one of the angels was a servant of Jean, so Omniel tried to reach Jean. To no avail, however, as the Superior isn't at home...
Meanwhile, the rest of the party materialized in the Jewish Quarters of Jeruzalem. Here they met a certain Father Che Boom, a rather unhelpful person quickly left alone. Tyronne and Joss went to the square where the would-be assassination occurred to investigate. Right enough, the trees that are there are all stressed out by the events but can't tell more.

Omniel also entered Jeruzalem and quickly proceded to play one-man-investigation squad by possessing a policeman at the Police HQ. Sure enough, the other angels were present but they didn't help very much. Three clues are uncovered:

  • the description of some of the human terrorists involved
  • the fact that they wore rather specific t-shirts
  • the address where part of the team had their hide-out, in a vacation resort
Omniel discovered at the t-shirt salespoint that the t-shirts had been ordered and picked up by one of the now-dead terorrists. Tyronne and Thann Sung also had a conversation of sorts with the sales guy, a talented guy.

August 19, 2005, 10h00 -- Jeruzalem

Omniel procured entry to the appartment where the terrorists had their hide-out by possessing the owner. Wes also entered and quickly uncovered a bullet-hole in the wall, behind a cupboard. Nothing else was found, so the group decided to move to Rome.

August 19, 2005, 12h00 -- Rome

Rome's Tether turned out to be a cosy cafe such as million others. Wes somehow got his taxi back in which the angels moved to the Vatican. There an appointment with the Pope was made.

August 20, 2005 -- The Vatican

Our protagonists have their audience with the Pope. There's some Disturbance around the guy. Tyronne uncovered that he's a bit bored and that "he doesn't want to play the part and conduct the mass". Omniel tried to possess the right-hand man of the Pope, but failed miserable. At this point in time the servant looked intently at the angels, one by one. Once the mass has been concluded, he invited the team for a talk, apart from the Pope.
The guy is called Nolian and was secretary to the Pope. He had descriptions of every member of the group, and was expecting them. Apparently, they had to work for the Pope.
The angels were totally flabbergasted, and even though they tried, their reluctance was noticed by Nolian...

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