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Session 13 (Joss)

Played on September 17, 2006: as written by the hands of Joss

Last week we left Joss as the Angelic party heard from Nolian that the Pope is none other than a servant of Khalid.

August 21, 2005

Keeping a low profile certainly wasn't in the cards anymore as we were summoned to the Pope. The bugger gave us specific and very unusual tasks. Each of us would head a team of 4 (3 office agents and 1 field agent) and arrest a certain person. (I mean, what? As if the existance of a Vatican secret service isn't enough, they're also charged to apprehend people.)
We quickly decided that we wouldn't want to arrest this people, at least not without further justification. First we tried to find out who or what these people are. Isobel checked them against the list of "known fundamentalists" but they're not on it. During the remainder of the day our operatives compiled the following information:

Session information
Angel Target Knowledge
Wes Yassar Vinar Rabbi
Isabel Alea Conatini Writer of philosophical, religious books
Omniel Jean-Pierre Coulois French Voodoo-priest, known in the neighbourhood
Tyronne Conea Biatti Hindi general practitioner, doesn't accept R-C patients
Mary Smith Fabio Colpa businessman, converted to Islam
Joss Talia di Mari professor in Theology

Meanwhile Tyronne was also investigating the observant lady on the plaza through her license plate. His flunkies found out that it registered on the name of Mona Francescaini -- a name that is on the fundamentaList.

I went to find Marcus, my field operative. He's an interesting person who lik es his job and takes it in a relaxed manner. He isn't religious, but believes in the good the Church does. I also talked to the other guys of my team, interesting people both. Ernesto wanted to be an character artist but he didn't quite have the talent so now he pursues a psychology studies to be a profiler! Fascinating.
Tyronne went to investigate a local bar-cafe, while the others made great progre ss in their investigations, mostly through their flunkies.

Some other random observations: Mary thought that maybe the Pope wants to rep lace these influential people just as he himself replaces the 'real deal'. Omnie l found out that we were the only one with this task, thus preventing the need t o protect other targets. In fact, Omniel possessed the chief of the secret servi ce. The recent assignments were very weird indeed, and he was very uncomfortable with it all. He was making more and more lists of 'liabilities', and he didn't know anything about 'Jerusalem'. In fact, he felt guilty that he couldn't preven t that. Through this all he sought relief in heavy drinking. Abhorred by this tr agic tale, I am charged by Omniel to get a book of the AA in the guy's office.

I'll now tell a bit about Isabel's adventures. She went to a lecture in a nearby shopping mall by her quarry, the writer Alea Conatini. She had her whole team briefed and all. The lecture itself supposedly was very boring, but Isabel is, like, from Stone so she got through alright. Afterwards she directly approached Alea and warned her that her life might be in danger. Alea bolted (duh) and Isobel trusted her desk operatives to follow her. Obviously they didn't understand that order and they just let her pass. Fortunately, Isabel's field operative was the kind of guy that knew what to do.

Marcus reported the findings of the deskmen: Talia is a professor in Theology. Her parents were supporters of Mussolini and as a result she distanced herself from his teachings. She now is a atheist. I told him to quickly arrange a meeting with her for tomorrow.
Tonight I'll spend with Tyronne in the local bar-cafe. Looking forward to that!

August 22, 2005

At 9h25 Marcus called that he made an appointment with Talia at 9h30. That left us precious little time, but nothing Wes and his cab couldn't fix. So at 9h29 we stopped at the University Of Rome Tor Vergata. Here I had a quick chat with this fascinating woman. She thinks that the Catholic Church represents an outdated and corrupt form of power. Unfortunately we couldn't talk very long since she had another lecture to prepare. I impressed upon her the fact the Catholic Church may be very angry with her, and this convinced her to accept an invitation for a dinner. (In Tyronne's bar-cafe, natch.)

Oh, apparently Omniel as the Chief of Operations sent some other operatives to Jerusalem to investigate the assassination (attempt). Good thinking!

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