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Session 16 (Vito)

Played on October 15, 2006
Part One of the Second Demons Story Arc

Hell, August 18, 2005

We're sucked into Hell. Why? Asmodeus, that poncy bugger, saw it fit to imprison us our Hearts. He gives me a preaching which I totally ignore. It's not like he's my Godfather, is he? Hah, he's not even part of the family.

Hell, August 21, 2005

After three days, I'm released and summoned into the Halls of the Game, and that's nothing a like a casino, it isn't. Asmo offers me a way out before he discorporates me, to 'mend things'. Well, I'm not sure what I have to mend (we did good, didn't we?) but I don't like discorporation not a bit so I take up his 'offer'. My mission is to go to Teheran and try to turn the Archangel of Faith, Khalid. It seems he has three new followers but is very much on the edge. I have six days to make his following to fall apart and thus push him over the edge and make him Fall. Good mission, that. Of course I report this word for word to Baal — the Godfather has to know, after all.
So my vessel is suddenly turned into an Iraqi, and I find myself in Teheran. Where, to my horror, I find I'm part of the same team of goof-ups as before. Bah... all this again. Whatever, I was not going to loose time by moping around and discussing non-issues. Apparently our target was the imam Fatih (oooh, wordplay) Maklouf of the Al-Khazid mosque. He has his own community of believers, somewhere in the worse parts of town.
As a preliminary action, we adhere a mass or however it's called in Muslim-land. I kinda blend in but of course some of the others make a fuzz. Nice way to lay low, idiots. I quickly make a plan: as it appears the imam preaches love and happines and respect and stuff, let's try to turn up the fundamentalism a notch or eleven. For once the others think that's a good idea and follow my lead without many 'buts'. I follow the imam Kilami around for a day. He's a very respected and famous figure here, but he won't be for long. The plan is to kidnap him after the evening service, kill him, burn him in the form of a crucifix and paint some pseudo-Christian graffiti on his mosque. Easily said, and quite easily done. Everybody performs admirably and does his thing. (Melchior uses his hands to kill the imam, Seluku sets fire on the guy, Bobby stirs up the crowd... I have to admit, it went off without a hitch. Luke however wasn't present, but he had been fanning the flames all day and evening so he's excused.)
After our hit Seluku and I call some papers to claim the deed. Al-Jazeera is used to this kind of phone-calls, as they have an automated menu. My kind of town!

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