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Session logs

Here we go... the actual, in-character logs from the sessions.

The drawn version is hard to divide by session as they are just simply drawn one picture after another and no division made between sessions. You can check em out here: The Drawn Version

We Live Here, Too!

The first mini-series is called "We Live Here, Too!". It came pretty much directly from the Marvel Universe Game Guide, so beware of spoilers if you might play that adventure.

  • The introductory session, called Danger, Will Robinson. Zen wrote a brief report here. (Played at April 4, 2004.)
  • The second session was called ReNew & Resist. Vision wrote a report here. (Played at April 11.)
  • The third issue was Shakedown at 11th and 55th. (Played at April 18.).
  • The fourth and final issue in this mini-series was released at April 25 as Corporate Quality. (Played at April 25.)

Unrest Underground

The second story arc is called "Unrest Underground". The basic premise of this is ripped directly from the Guide To The X-Men, so beware of spoilers again.

  • The stage was set in the first issue called A Fight In The Dark. Guest roles are played by the Morlocks! (Played at May 16, 2004.)
  • Investigation and brutal fights both wanted center stage in Evil Is Still Afoot. What are those Morlocks doing, collaborating with the Marauders? (Played at May 23.)
  • Those guilty were found, and a new X-Man enters the X-Mansion this exciting finale: The Second Morlock Massacre. (Played at May 30.)

Brave New World?

The third and final (for now) story arc is called "Brave New World?", with a certain emphasis on the question-mark. The stakes are raised and Bi-X faces its greatest enemy yet.

  • Things are not what they seem in Northern Light in which Bi-X travels to the frozen wastelands of Canada, and Clover confronts her past. (Played at June 14, 2004.)
  • The plot thickens as a Sentinel rears its ugly head. But why are our heroes powers not working? Something Sinister is at work... (Played at July 27.)
  • In a brief tradition of exciting finales, this one doesn't disappoint. How come Beast suddenly abandons his ideals and betrays his pupils? Means to an End. (Played at July 18, 2004.)

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