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Ryder Lucask
print layout
Ryder Lucask
is a Mechanical
Jack who
Rides the Lightning
A Cobbled Jumble
1 action
10 mins
1 hour
10 hours
1d6 + 6
Charge (1+ Intellect points)
You can charge an artifact or other device (except a cypher) so that it can be used once. The cost is 1 Intellect point plus 1 point per level of the device. Action. (Corebook p72)
Shock (1 Intellect point)
Your hands crackle with electricity, and the next time you touch a creature, you inflict 3 points of damage. Alternatively, if you wield a weapon, for ten minutes it crackles with electricity and inflicts 1 additional point of damage per attack. Action for touch; enabler for weapon. (Corebook p72)
Bolt Rider (2-8 Intellect Points)
You can move a short distance (15m) from one location to another almost instantaneously, carried by a bolt of lightning. You must be able to see the new location, and there must be no intervening barriers. For 4 Intellect you can move a long distance (30m), for 6 Intellect you can move 60m and for 8 Intellect you can move 120m. Action. (Corebook p72)
Drain Charge
You can drain the power from an artifact or device, allowing you to regain 1 Intellect point per level of the device. You regain points at the rate of 1 point per round and must give your full concentration to the process each round. The GM determines whether the device is fully drained (likely true of most handheld or smaller devices) or retains some power (likely true of large machines). Action to initiate; action each round to drain. (Corebook p72)
Erase Memories (3 Intellect points)
You reach into a creature’s mind to make it forget. Choose one creature within immediate range and make an Intellect roll. On a success, you erase up to the last five minutes of the creature’s memory. The creature simply forgets anything it experienced during this time. When used in combat, you can give 1 other character an asset of 2 on its attack that round (because the NPC is suprised). Action. (Character Options p15)
Bolts of Power (5+ Intellect points)
You blast a fan of lightning out to short range in an arc that is approximately 50 feet (15 m) wide at the end. This discharge inflicts 4 points of damage. If you apply Effort to increase the damage rather than to decrease the difficulty, you deal 2 additional points of damage per level of Effort (instead of 3 points); however, targets in the area take 1 point of damage even if you fail the attack roll. Action. ()
Transdimensional Weapon (3 Intellect points)
One melee weapon that you touch vibrates on a dimensional frequency so that it spans into other dimensions for one hour. During this time, it inflicts 1 additional point of damage on a successful hit and affects targets that can only be affected by special transdimensional effects, such as those that are out of phase. Action to initiate. ()
Hedge Magic (1 Intellect point)
When you have a free hand, you can perform small tricks: temporarily change the color or basic appearance of a small object, cause small objects to float through the air, clean a small area, mend a broken object, prepare (but not create) food, and so on. You can’t use hedge magic to harm another creature or object. Action. (Corebook p49)
Sabotaging an object
Flex Skill (default: Perception)
Flex Skill
At the beginning of each day, choose one task (other than attacks or defense) on which you will concentrate. For the rest of that day, you’re trained in that task. You can’t use this ability with a skill you’re already trained in to become specialized. (Corebook p42)
Sense "Magic"
You can sense whether the numenera is active in situations where its presence is not obvious. You must study an object or location closely for a minute to get a feel for whether the touch of the ancients is at work. (Corebook p49)
You have an asset on any attack roll you make against a creature that also is/gets attacked by someone else that 'player character' round and is within immediate range. Enabler (Character Options p15)
You are particularly good at bypassing locks and dismantling devices. You are trained in lockpicking, the numenera, and any task that involves sabotaging an object. Enabler. (Character Options p14)
Electrical Esoteries
If you perform esoteries, those that would normally use force or other energy instead use electricity. For example, a Flash or an Onslaught force blast is a blast of lightning. This alteration changes nothing other than the type of damage and the fact that it might start fires. (Corebook p71)
Minor Effect Suggestions
The target is dazed by electricity for one round, during which time the difficulty of all tasks it performs is modified by one step to its detriment. Electricity can also shut down an android, robot, or other automaton for one round. (Corebook p71)
Major Effects Suggestions
Devices filled with electrical power explode. You can target and destroy an artifact that a foe is holding or wearing. (Corebook p71)
Skill With Attacks (Trained - Medium Bladed)
Skill With Defense (Speed)
Skill With Defense (Intellect)
Trained Without Armor
Practiced With Light/Medium Weapons
* with Opportunist
** with Shock + Transdimensional weapon
Heat Sword (Artifact)
 -1 / -2*
 -1 / -2*
-1 / -2*
5 / 7**
4 / 6**
2 / 4**
Speed Defense
Might Defense
Intellect Defense
specialized + shield
Unnerving aura
You have a manner or an aura that others find a bit unnerving. The difficulty of any task involving charm, persuasion, or deception is increased by one step. (Corebook p49)
Shins:   68.67
Bag of miscellaneous batteries and power cells (Whenever you find a new device that operates on batteries or cells (GM discretion), there is a 75 percent chance that the bag contains one that will power it if it depletes)
Light Weapon: Dagger
Medium Weapon: Verred (This weapon resembles a sword with two forked blades. It is short and useful in defense as well as offense)
Metal Shield (Asset for Speed defense tasks (decreases the difficulty by one step).)
Explorer's pack (Contains 50 feet (15 m) of rope, rations for three days, three spikes, hammer, warm clothes, sturdy boots, three torches, and two minor glowglobes.)
Bag of light tools (Contains small tongs, pliers, screwdriver, small hammer, small pry bar, lockpicks, 10 feet (3 m) of string, 3 feet (1 m) of wire, and miscellaneous screws and nails.)
Kephilim (Small device that will prove irrevocably on which Kephi you’ve been)
Limit:   3
See online cyphers sheet
Blue crystal: When you hold it, it glows.
Metal ring: When you equip it, you feel like you are being massaged for 10 minutes.
Heat Sword (Artifact): Acts as a normal broadsword that inflicts 5 points of heat damage. Action to activate. Depletion roll of 1 in 1d100
3 Power Cells: Can be used to recharge a Cypher, requires Numenera check and some time to do (so use outside combat)
Mark - Daina: Swift Nano who Talks To Machines Twin sister. You have learned to bring her along when you ride the lightning. If the character is standing right next to you, you can take her with you when you use the Bolt Rider or Electrical Flight powers.
Matthijs - Drake: Inquisitive Nano who Focuses Mind Over Matter
Ferry - Thom: Rugged Glaive who Controls Beasts You disturb his creatures in a way that Thom can't explain.
Jeroen - Tal: Graceful Jack who Crafts Illusions
Marcel - Ariya: Tongue-Tied Jack who Needs No Weapons

Character description

Ryder has brown hair with some silver strokes in it. He has (real) sparkles in his eyes. And every now and then you can notice a faint crackle of electricity going over his body. When touching him, or shaking his hand, you receive a small (harmless) static shock. He uses a verred as weapon, often charging it with crackling electricity, and a metal shield in his other hand.

Background story

Ryder was born 18 years ago, together with his twin sister Daina. They grew up together in the small village Colzo. Their parents, both Nanos and teachers in their ways, expected great things of the twins. But all that pressure led to the opposite, and Ryder and Daina did as much as they could to not go the route their parents wanted.

They often fled their parents classes, staying away afternoons without their parents knowing where they would be. Ryder and Daina were interested in the Numenera, but they didn't see it as their parents as something mystical, but they saw it as all this old forgotten technology that they wanted to learn to understand and use. Also the Voice of the Kephmiri, which their parents saw as some kind of God, was just a very cool machine for them. It told wisdoms of forgotten ages, from which they could learn a lot. Also they thought it was the reason why their village was special and they hoped visiting the Five Kephi during their pilgrimage would make them understand it better.

One day when they were only 6 years old, they fled the house again and found a hiding spot in Cier's workshop. There they found a lot of interesting stuff. Their parents would call it junk, but the twins started to play with it, take things apart, and put other things together. Cier Kinson, the owner of the workshop, liked that these children had interest in what she was doing, and started to explain things and help them.

During their childhood they learned a lot about technology. Found things that turned out to be cyphers lying around as junk. Ryder started to feel the (mechanical) numenera in him and learned how to use it. Daina had a special connection with machines and with her help Ryder learned a lot. Some day they found a metal device in which Ryder felt the Numenera precense. When put around his arm (with his sisters help) he felt it becoming one with his arm and soon he started to harvest it powers. He gained more and more control of it and electrical powers started to run through his body. Year after year his control of the powers became better, and the device grew with him and became a part of him.

The last few years Ryder and Daina were helping Cier out a lot in her workshop. Helping repairing broken devices that people from the village brought to them. And inventing new machines that could help the villagers with their work. Ryder learned that every morning he focus the nanites inside him to empower a certain skill in him, and that helped him prepare for certain jobs he had to do that day in the workshop. After a night sleep he lost that skill again and could focus it on another skill.

Daina also experimented together with Ryder on him. Trying to add implants to him giving him minor cybernetic enhancements, or plug in weird devices. Ryder also started to recognise batteries and power cells, being able to charge them with his powers and use them in what they recognised as devices from forgotten ages. He learned to use the numenera to do things others would call tricks. But ofcourse it weren't tricks, there always was an explanation. He could focus and manipulate the nanites in and around him to mend a small broken object, let it change color, or let something float through the air. After a while he could even let it prepare food for him. Ryder became very skilled in the numenera, especially considering he wasn't a Nano.

Since his childhood Ryder was being prepared for the Pilgrimage. They heared stories about the dangers ahead, but also about all the new things and secrets from the past they could discover. Besides his skills with the Numenera, he knew he also had to train himself in combat. And learned to fight with a verred (which he could infuse with his electrical powers) and a shield, together with his Daykin. He knew he had to look after and protect his sister Daina, who never could be motivated to learn to fight with weapons. At least she was very fast, and others called her Zippy because of it.

Extra information (from books)

Flex Skill ideas: Astronomy, Balancing, Biology, Botany, Carrying, Climbing, Deceiving, Escaping, Geography, Geology, Healing, History, Identifying, Initiative, Intimidation, Jumping, Leatherworking, Lockpicking, Metalworking, Numenera, Perception, Persuasion, Philosophy, Pickpocketing, Repairing, Riding, Smashing, Sneaking, Swimming, Woodworking

A Cobbled Jumble: You’re the product of generations of eugenics, bolstered by minor cybernetic enhancements, a few small psychic abilities, and the lessons of secret masters. In other words, you don’t have one source of power or one explanation for your abilities— you have many, and as far as you’re concerned, that’s the best formula for success. You don’t put all your eggs in a single proverbial basket. To really get ahead, you must rely on multiple strengths. You’ve always got an unexpected trick up your sleeve or a fallback contingency. For example, you might have subdermal implants that make you more resilient, your training might let you sense a foe’s attack before he strikes, and your psychic abilities could allow you to push your enemy’s blade slightly to the left so you can just barely dodge it. In the end, you’re simply hard to hurt. Advancement: You have chosen every path, so you must travel each of them. Training and drugs fuel your body and mind, brain implants grant you additional skills, and devices hidden in your palms give you fresh abilities. Advancement means new teachers and technicians, strange substances and radiations, and an ever-increasing need to discover the secrets of the past that will prove essential for your future.

Mechanical: You think of yourself as "mechanical", and thus adept with devices and machines. Your true talents lie with the numenera. You likely have experience with ancient lore, and you can sense and wield the numenera (which means "technology" for you). Mechanical characters tend to carry a lot of tools and treat them almost like talismans.

Rides The Lightning: The ancients harnessed electricity in strange and wonderful ways. Through practice and inherent ability (or the subtle use of hidden or implanted devices), you control the same energy. Not only can you create and discharge electrical power, but you can eventually learn to use it to transport yourself. You probably wear tight-fitting clothing that allows you to move quickly. Your garments might be blue and black, perhaps with a lightning-bolt motif.

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