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Session 4 (B'redaru)

Played on January 7, 2007
Sunken Tower

The Tower, Kroz 3, 863

As we walked around the Tower towards the entrance we already saw the door opening and Lilsy peeking inside. That curious little thing was at it again. Before we could do anything she was easily inside and probably already finding out everything there was to find. Thror and Surtur followed inside and Urdos and me decided to stay outside and keep watch. I'm not really one to invade someone's privacy and go stampeding into someone's private house. We would be able to hear them if any trouble was coming from inside. But it seemed all was quiet inside and I planted me and my armour just outside the door. Urdos and his wolf made an extra round around the tower to see if we missed anything.
It was a while before Lilsy came running out again, me and Urdos were having a nice little chat about how to behave around his wolf and that the beast had a will of its own and was a companion and friend of Urdos, not just a pet. Lilsy wanted to have us inside of the tower though, something about a huge round stair at the bottom of the tower. After showing Lilsy that Urdos found a piece of the roof in the ground outside of the tower we grudgingly went inside to have a look what it was all about. It seemed the wizard wasn't around anymore. A layer of dust and left behind objects. It seems they didn't check at the top of the tower to see if they could see anything of the roof. But after a quick inspection I couldn't find anything either. Lilsy tried her wallclimber to see if she could get through the small window and up onto the tower, but it was far too slippery and bent outwards to get proper grip. I made some small modifications to the thing and added some Phlogistion. It made a nice extra powerpuff, but it only got slightly higher. But then Lilsy started to complain that it was louder now, I had no idea what that mattered, but I cranked some of the screws and added some oil to the proper locations and it was quiet again. It lost some of it extra power with that again too, but I think all in all it's more quiet and stronger now.
After this we went down into the cellar and down a rope, which was totally strained almost to the maximum of it's capacity with the weight of me and my armour, but luckily we got down safely. I don't think we had the time to disassemble the armour and send it down in parts. But we might actually have to do that when we we are going back up again. But I guess that's a later worry.
Three floors deep we went before we got to two exits on a flat piece of the stairs, about a third of the floor was flat here, around the bend of the stairs it went further downwards though. Lilsy decided to take the second hallway, leaving the first and the stairs down alone. No idea why, but that hallway was as good a choice as any of the others I guess. After a short distance we passed through a door, a longer hallway and another door. This lead us into a huge chamber empty chamber, at least it looked empty for as far as we could see. Lilsy decided right was the good way to go and we started to follow the wall. We passed some kind of statue in the wall of a large winged creature, but as it was a statue we thought nothing of it. But when we were all passed the thing it suddenly decided to come alive and start bashing me and my precious armor. Not that he got through though, Yisha was with me and protecting me to her fullest capabilities. Not long after that I saw another shadow fly past me into the others. It seemed most of our weapons could not properly hurt them though, but luckily Surtur's vast powers were an easy match for these stone creatures. After the first crashed into the ground, creating an inconvenient obstacle during the combat, a few more what my fellows called Orcs joined the fray. They were dispatched quickly enough though and after that the last stone creature didn't last long either. Mymy, those magic powers of Surtur keep on amazing me, I sure am glad he is on our side.

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