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Session 22 (Lilsy)

Played on June 10, 2007

While hiding between the sawed-off tree stumps in the field, I saw a massive firework erupt above the forest! Wow! That must be Folwick! I guess I'm a lot closer to the rest than I thought. Stumbling through the dark I started to move toward the explosion. I made my trail with some flash powder and raw Phlogos, but as I started running out of that quite quickly I started scratching trees with my dagger to mark my way. Finding my way in the dark proved quite hard and I sometimes seemed to walk in circles and I gave up when I reached the big tree for the third time. There I waited for light.

With the light I tried to find my way towards the explosion again, but that proved hard still. If only Urdos was here! During the day I climed occassionally into a tree to get my bearings with relations to the surroundings and the sun. After some while I heard B'redaru's voice in my head again. He asked if I had seen the explosion and tells me that if I see a hand that I should follow it. Weird person. Coincidentally I see another of Folwick's explosions again and I try to head in that direction. I encounter a badger along the way, but it's easily scared off by throwing a mushroom and a snake at it. With twilight I find a spot in a tree to sleep in. After a while I see an explosion again, and I try to find my way to the others again. After some time I strange little light appears who asks me to follow it towards the others. She seems to know them and me, so I decide to trust it and follow it some time but it is really fast. With dawn the light disappears and I am on my own again.

After a couple of hours I encounter a hand which beckons me to follow it. Weird B'redaru! I follow it and after some more hours I encounter the others! Yay! I hug everyone! Even the grumpy Urdos! After we all told what happened we decide to backtrack my beautiful route to the tree I came from so we can go to the field with sawed off trees. Oddly enough, with Urdos the voyage to the edge of the forest is a lot shorter. Must be magic! After scrounging around in the field for some time we encounter tracks of towed logs which lead to a place with huge cart tracks! I can hide in the cart tracks completely! We follow the tracks a while and all of sudden something in my backpack starts to buzz. Mysterious!

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