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Bertus' Story

20 years ago, exactly at his birthday, a baby was born. This event happened on the kitchen table, that was located in a farm in $REGION2. His parents, Bert and Berta, decided to call him (it was a boy) Bertus.

The next 14 years are summarized in the next line: "Bertus grew up at the farm helping his father doing all those farm-things, like milking cows, cleaning stables, sowing and harvesting grain and corn and many other thing."

After that, still at the age of 14, some weird things started to happen to Bertus. Once, he was very angry at 'Berta 12' (one of their cows), because she wasn't going the direction that he wanted her to go. He yelled at her and at that same moment some fire came from his hands and burned Berta 12's ass. It was one of the worst things he had ever smelled. Another time he wanted to take a knife from a place he couldn't reach. While he was thinking that he wanted it to come to him, it suddenly moved and fell hitting his little toe, which is still missing nowadays.

He had some more strange experiences, which he couldn't explain. Also Bert and Berta didn't understand it and thought that he was making those stories up, just to explain some stupid things that he did.

One year after his first unexplainable experience, a stranger spoke to him while he was working at the land. He called Bertus by his first name (while Bertus had never seen him) and also knew some more things about him. He introduced himself as Tyren and told Bertus that he could help him. Tyren visited Bertus every now and then to learn him how to use his powers. After some time Bertus started to understand his powers and used them in his favor.

Then, as suddenly as he appeared, Tyren told him that he wouldn't come back any more and his last words to Bertus were: "Don't waste you life, do something with it!".

Long had Bertus thought about those words and the years went by.

Until one certain evening in winter time. It was raining hard, the rain fell on the roof with fury even a wild boar would be jealous of, it had been like that for the last few days now. Bertus was nineteen years old now, and he was sitting in the living room together with his parents. At that a single loud prophetic knock came on the door. Bert jumped up with a certain premonition that something important was going to happen and walked to the door to open it, outside were four strangers who looked like they had been walking through the rain for days. They were an odd lot, all different, one huge man that looked like he could drink a barrel on his own, a smaller robed woman, probably a priest of somekind, a man with a flowing robe of pastel green and blues, still smiling even in this weather and a broad man with arms like tree trunks, easily as muscled as Bertus himself but still looking quick on his feet as he stands there with his hands over each other and a grumpy look on his face, obviously not so used to the harsh weather.

They asked him if they could perhaps sleep somewhere dry. Bertus knew that the farm had plenty of space, so he let them in. The rest of the evening sitting by the fire place, Bertus talked, but mostly listened to these simple looking but wondrous group of companions, who told him that they were adventurers. One of the companions, named Aidan he soon learned, was obviously in his element and told tales of wonder and glory. These stories brought unusual thoughts and inspiration to Bertus. That night he did not sleep much, not much at all. The whole night he was up thinking and going over those immense stories again, and he realized now how boring his life up to now had been. And now he looked upon the simple words of Tyren with clearer sight and knew what the older man had mean, this was his chance to do someting with his life.

The next morning he told his parents and the adventurers that he wanted to join the party. Of course his parent were disappointed, but they understood his decision. The party said they could use another strong person, so they had no problem with him joining them. They told him that he should have some weapons, and that it would be dangerous out there. Bertus, who had never used real weapons, took his scythe and a sickle, because he knew how to handle them. Berta gave him some warm clothes, blankets and food. Then they left and many adventures would follow...

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