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Crhel's Story

I was born in the southern lands that border the southern most lordships. My mother, a human druid, refused to go live in a city, so my dad and she decided that we would live in the woods.. She and my dad, who was a ranger, tought me to respect everything living in the wild and how I could eat and drink from everything that grew in the forest.

One day I was gathering food a couple of yards from our house when I heard sounds of battle. They seemed to come from our house. I ran for home, but when I caught sight of our house there were about 20 foul creatures gathered around it. I hid myself in the bushed until they left. They took almost everything that was of any value. After they were gone, I ran inside. There was hardly anything left. I searched all rooms for my mum and dad, but they were nowhere to be found. In the hope that they had escaped, I stayed in the house for about a month. Soon I realized they were not coming back. I tried to live in the house on my own, but there were simply to many memories. I had to get away.

That is how I got to one of the barbarian camps. My dad told me a dozen stories about those camps. I joined them and learned a lot of fighting techniques. Because of the hard life and the daily wrestling matches I grew very strong and agile. One thing I didn't like about those barbarians was their behavior towards others. Most of them just wanted to battle and kill every one who they could rob of their possessions. I argued with them more and more about their reasons to rob victims, which led to many fights. I found myself an outcast because of my believes.

One day when I was gathering food in the forest, I met the strangest duo I had ever seen. Though afterwards they appeared to be older than me, they seemed young and very nave. They were in the forest to 'convert those rude barbarians to a more civilized way of living'. Little did they know. I guess they never even saw a barbarian until then. It was a good thing that I met them first, otherwise they would've taken their last breath at the same time as when they met their first barbarian.

We talked and talked all through the night. They kept mentioning their god called Faria and how great and all she was and how she would forgive me for my barbaric ways. As if I had ever done anything to harm an innocent being. I realized these two were no match for any of the barbarian tribes in the neighbourhood, so I tought of a plan, I decided to lead them away from these camps. After telling them the stories of all my adventures, they were talking about how peace solves more than violence. Although I still doubt this, they seemed to believe strongly in this. They made me curious about their way of living. They came from the city $CITY and I decided it wouldn't hurt me if I spent a little more time with them. So I suggested to them to take me to this world they called 'Civilized'. It seems like my plan has worked. They came with me, far away from those barbarian camps. They would have never survived.

On our journey to this crowded city we had many adventures. During one of them we met a very cheerful fellow. A bit to cheerful if you ask me. He decided to join us on our voyage. I wouldn't have mind, if only he would shut up once in a while. The guy simply keeps singing and talking and singing. He seems to have a vivid imagination. He can't seem to finish a story without starting a new one right away. I don't know where they begin or where they end. After all our adventures, he even wrote a book about them. I believe he called it 'tales for another day'. Surely you can ask him for it if you want to know more.

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