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Session 25 (Aidan)

Played on 2004/01/11

As you might recollect, after we finally found the second part of the spell, we set off towards the old elven city, accompanied by about two hundred elves. They all deserted their villages and immediately set out to join us in our quest. Among them were my long lost daughter, Ashina, and the restless spirit of my deceased wife, Imoria. Although I am overjoyed with our somewhat peculiar reunion of my family, I am ofcourse somewhat troubled that my love can not find her peace. Luckily (and strangely) my daughter does not seem to be troubled at all by her undead mother following us around.

We quickly moved out of the burnt down village we had encountered along our path, leaving the stench of the corpses behind as far as possible. After a while of travelling, Bertus spotted a dust cloud at a distance. When we came closer they were obviously dressed in the blue cloaks, which we knew to be the traditional garb of the Meltimen. Although we had hoped not to come across them, we had no way of outrunning them with our huge group of elves, many of which were travelling by foot. After I secured my daughter's safety by putting her under the good care of Miratine, Phaedra and I headed towards the leader of the group. Although very unlikely, we hoped to pass them peacefully. After talking with them for a little while, it was obvious there was not going to be any way we could convince them to let us pass. They were obviously under strict orders and probably in for hard punishment if they let us pass. Any threats we made did not seem to connect.

There were 25 Meltimen. We were with only four: Phaedra the cute Cleric, Chrel the overly brash Barbarian, Bertus the fighting Farmer and myself. Irtek had ridden towards a bush for a sanitary stop earlier and the elves were a long way back. So we were definitely grossly outnumbered. Ofcourse, this did not seem to matter to Chrel, we at first had tried to sneak around the group of Meltimen on his HORSE! Strangely, this had not worked. After this, he decided to help us negotiate by cutting off the head of the leader of the Meltimen! Ofcourse, this did not fail to leave an impression on his underlings. Immediately, one of the riders left, supposedly to contact reinforcements. I quickly disabled him with a blinding spell, hoping that would prevent him from reaching his fellow troops. Well, that left 23 more Meltimen. I set myself up with my bow in the rear and Bertus and Chrel rushed the blue riders. As Phaedra was in a front position, helping me with negotiations, she was quickly surrounded. Eight mounted warriors attacked and charged her, but she and her horse Pegasus dodged every blow! Three other warriors quickly tried their strength with Bertus, but the farmer wields a scythe better than anyone I have ever seen. In a couple of seconds the blue cloaked soldier were reduced nothing more than blood puddles on the ground. Chrel's opponents weren't any luckier; the first one was beheaded in one fell swoop and I think the other one died of fear right then and there. The elves then came to our aid and a volley of their and my arrows finished off another couple of enemies. I started to sing one of my better battle songs to lift everybody's spirit. The fight did not take long after that, especially Bertus cut through the enemy ranks with extreme ease. In less than a minute we had killed all twenty-four warriors, leaving their corpses out our feet and their equipment for our taking.

After a quick breather we regrouped with the elves and moved on our journey towards the elven city. After one more night's rest, we came near the site of the temple to Corellon Larethian around midday. From a distance we saw movement around the tomb in front of the temple. Had the undead reclaimed the tomb after the priests had so thoroughly sanctified it? Luckily they seemed to be children which were part of the priests' group we had led here before. They were a little frightened by all these strangers, so we had the elven group wait outside the encampment. We led Gord Rinahel to the high priest and explained our situation. Because Gord had never seen the city our the temple, I gave her a tour of the complex. When she entered the temple, she was so overwhelmed by the presence of her god in this place that she could nothing but pray and weep for five minutes. After I gave her the time to regather herself with renewed faith, I showed her the undead elven city. When she saw, she was astonished by on the one side the grandeur of the city and on the other side the evil undead taint. According to her, the undead spirits in the city, who we thought to be elves, were not elves at all, but some evil influence. We hoped that this evil influence would be rooted out when we completed the spell, but she could not be sure and needed the advise of a powerful wizard. She also told us that she could not complete the spell herself, but required this wizard for it.

Luckily, Bertus volunteered. He thought that was a good idea because he is strong and powerful and he is somewhat of a wizard. I must say that Gord Rinahel was awfully polite when she remarked that she was looking for another kind of wizard. She told us she had notified an Elven wizard and that he was travelling here from the east where he had been studying texts about the lost city. Could it be that the elf I had met in Rorn and in Toolay was in fact a powerful wizard? My question would be soon answered, because during the hot hours of the next day, we saw another dust cloud in the distance. It seemed to be an elf followed an angry mob of peasants. Probably they thought the elf was out hunting for poor little babies. When Chrel saw it, he quickly rode his horse towards the elf, but the elf, probably scared of Chrel's hulkin form, thought he was yet another assailant. He tried to pull the elf on his horse, but failed. After this, Bertus had a go. He yelled to the elf that he was a friend of Gord Rinahel, trying to convince him. After some problems using his magically enhanced reflexes he pulled the elf on his horse. Finally releasing him from his pursuers. Phaedra, Chrel and I approached the elves hoping to convince them to be less afraid of elves. This did not work though, mainly because Chrel was undermining our every effort! If he does not like to talk to peasants why does he even bother to go along? If the next day will bring a huge mob of angry villagers, or maybe even a meltimen army which could be informed by the peasants, we will all be in big trouble.

This afternoon, the wizard started the preparations for the spell. Like us, he hopes that the spell will annihilate the evil undead presence. There is not much we can do support him and he had locked himself into the temple in the night. As you might remember, the temple only appears during the day and disappears during the night. We stay outside of the temple so we can keep the location safe. The next morning the temple appears again and the elf comes rushing out, screaming "Stop him! Hold him off!" behind him, a huge giant appears wear a red turban and wielding an extremely huge sword.

To be continued, Aidan

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