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Olivia Tesorieri


Olivia stands tall and straight, easily as tall as any man. Her skin has a healthy tan beyond her Mediterranean's heritage's natural colour. Her sleek face is crowned by raven hair, slightly curly. It's Olivia's treasure and woe to you if you mess it up. Sea-grey eyes under rich lashes look upon the entire world with slight amusement. A fierce scar run across her right eye, though, marring her features.
She wears sensible clothes that do not hamper her movement -- in swordplay a hitch can mean death. Sturdy boots, skintight leather pants, a bodice hugging her curves. Her puffy cloth sleeves are a concession to the fact that she has to live large, as are her many brightly-coloured scarfs. A shiny rapier is worn on her hip, as is a large duelling-knife. Two smaller knives are tucked into her boots for emergencies -- something she somehow always ends up in. Then again, that's when the blood really gets pumping. Olivia (unconsciously?) walks with a swagger, provoking all those who look at her.

Background story

Olivia was born in Italy in a prosperous 'bourgeois' merchant family. She'd gotten quite an education if only she'd paid attention. However, the dull life her parents had thought out for her didn't exactly inspire our raven-haired heroin. She'd rather focus on unladylike pursuits like horseback-riding and, in particular, fencing.
When Olivia was 16, she accompagnied her father to the Caribbean. The voyage across the ocean lifted her spirits immeasurably. Upon arrival in the Caribbean, she found herself in a most interesting world -- if she could just stay away from daddy's boring business meetings. Before the end of the month, Olivia decided that going back to Europe wasn't her destiny, and instead left her pampered life to make a name for herself. She bought a sturdy rapier from a handsome smith, nicked some money from the business' treasury, kissed her papa goodbye, and with a dramatic gesture jumped upon a horse to charge at the life she thought she'd always wanted.
That wasn't immediately the case, though. Life as a single, 16-year-old girl with little actual survival skills was harsh. Somehow, she survived -- a fact she publicly announces as 'luck' but actually is a combination of charm, manipulation, obstinateness and well, luck.



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