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William Wiggins
Shipmate's ortin' ta read this!

Background story

William Wiggins was born in a small coastal town in the Carribean. His father was a pirate and he almost never saw him. The last time he saw him was when William was 8 years old. Now he just assumes that he is death.

At the age of 14 he joined a pirate ship that visited his town, called the Unforgiving, together with an older friend of him, 'The name that wil not be said' Redfeather. 'The name that wil not be said' told William's mother that he would take care of William, and would make sure William was safe. 3 year later 'The name that wil not be said' duelled the captain of the Unforgiving and won. Since then it's Captain Redfeather for most of the crew.

William has served Captain Redfeather for 11 years now, and they had many (weird) adventures. Like the time when they met this pirate, coward as hell, but somehow he can see things in the distance even before they are in sight, and since he joined the crew, they had a lot more wind in their back. Or when they saw this red creature just below the water, and the water started to boil and steam appeared. Or when they destroyed that english ship with the help of some other pirates, and one of the soldiers decided to join them. He can shoot an eye out of a bird with that gun of him. Or that time when frogs fell out of the air and exploded when they landed. Or the time that we met this very big cook, that could transform an old half rotten food supply into these delicious meals (just ignore his talking about islands visiting our house). Behind him this little boy, once a slave, that now tries to become a pirate. Half of the time William doesn't even see him while he's sure he is around. Or the time that they saw that ghost ship fight this enormous sea dragon. And then recently, this good looking woman demanded that she joined them on their ship. She can parry cannonballs with here rapier. Never has William seen a woman so good with a weapon.

William likes the captain, and loves to drink rum with him and gamble a little. And somehow it also feels good to have these weird friends around him. Not that there is much that William would describe as weird or that could suprise him. He has seen it all.


William has brown hair, a brown mustache and a little beard. He lost his right eye because it was hit by a bullet when they were fighting the english. It is now replaced by a glass eye. He looks very skinny and doesn't eat much. And some people would discribe him as 'ugly', also because he has a lot of scars on his body and misses some teeth. He wears some old clothes and firm leather boots. On his head a yellow bandana with black spots on it at which he is very proud. The captain gave it to him once. He said it would bring him luck. On his belt you can find a shining cutlass, a pistol, a knife and a little dagger.


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