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Stephan Bigorna


Steph is huge, standing nearly two meters or six and a half feet tall. That's not the only feature why he stamnds out in these surroundings. His pale white skin and bright red short curly hair aren't seen often either in these regions of the world. He's got a bit of a droopy face, in geeneral looking like he doesn't understand anything about what's going on around him.
Always broadly smiling though, so he looks like he means no harm.... Until someone only even looks at his friends in a stange way, you'd beter get the hell away from him, as he'll go out of control protecting the ones he holds dear. His face will turn bright red to match his hair, to a point where it looks like he's going to explode.

His clothing consist of a white'ish shirt and trousers, a large leather apron covering his front. A butcher's cleaver and large cooksknife dangle from his belt, both in perfect slice'n'dice condition. Another small filet knife is hidden in his boots. He learned to keep it there from some of the others living in this house.

Background Story

Born in Ireland as his looks already reveal, steph wasn't the brightest baby. Growing up he didn't turn any smarter either. He'd rather spend time int he kitchen with his mum, watching what she was making, tasting everything. His father didn't appreciate this at all. He'd rather have a son who followed in his footsteps to become a blacksmith like him.
But Steph was only interested in the result of his fathers work, the excellent knifes and cleavers he made. Totally unaware of all the handywork his father put into making them. Steph to date still carries this fine cooking gear, made by his dad.

When Steph was about 16 years old, father Bigorna devised a plan to get rid of his son. Some acquintance of him was migrating to the Caribbean to start a living there as a iplantation owner and he could always use someone to cook for him. This is the first time Steph saw a ship. In his mind it always translated to house somehow, as it got the same functionality as a house. We sleep, cook, eat in them. Only difference with usual houses, islands don't come floating past, soo mind boggling these houses.

When they arrive in the Caribbean, he gets this huge kitchen all to himself. It was excellent to further improve and master his cooking skills, but very lonely. As the boss was never there, he made friends with the slaves working on the plantation, who would visit him often to enjoy the lovely meals he makes.

One day, as Moe, one of his slavefriends, and him are again enjoying some cooked salmon with sweet potatoes and a pinch of lime, the boss walks in. Somehow he isn't to happy to see a slave eating his salmon and starts a huge rant about slaves and food and other stuff Steph doesn't even tries to start to comprehend. In the end though, boss seems to want to do something to Moe, 'to set some kind of example'. Steph wouldn't know what kind of example that would be, but it sounded dangerous and evil and all.
Not wanting to see his friend get hurt, Steph enrages, turning all red and puffy. The boss looks scared, but Steph doesn't notice this anymore. In his wild rage he chops, slices and dices the boss to pieces.

Moe thinks that was a bad idea, but as all is said and especially done now, they'd better run of. The boss was a good friend of the governor, who won't like it that he got sliced and diced this way. Moe takes Steph to the see where in deep night they sneak onto a new house called the unforgiving.
The capt'n thinks such a cook would be a welcome addition to the crew so Steph can pick up his old job again. First the crew think he's a weird guy and make fun of him. But after they tasted his food or his fists they rapidly change their opinion and he becomes a good friend of them all. They still make fun of him, but he doesn't seem to notice or understand most of it. Steph is just enjoying life with so much people around and he does his best to prepare a luxury meal every day. Although, islands should float by more often as the freshness of his ingredients tends to suffer if it takes a long time to restock.


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