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The players and their characters.
Player Character Brief description Character sheet
Ferry Manuel Rivero Ship's lookout. Will avoid any battle he can. Excellent vision, not so excellent at chores. HTML
Stijn John Former circusartist turned pirate HTML
Jake Olivia Tesorieri Comely swashbuckleress, not restrained by any kind of morals or modesty HTML
Matthijs Phillip British ex-army marksman, who now hates the British army with a passion. HTML
Xavier William Wiggins One-eyed pirate, with luck and serendipity, will attract weirdness... HTML
Mark Karel Koenraedts Dutch trader/smuggler, turned pirate captain, loses cargo/ships/crew by the dozen HTML
Former characters.
Player Character Brief description Character sheet
Stijn Moe (R.I.P.) Slave child who has escaped his master's family. Killed accidentally by Stephan HTML
Mark Stephan Bigorna (R.I.P.) Large, chummy fellow. Excellent at cooking. Kind of a weird point of view regarding ships and the sea. HTML

Other people involved.
Player Character Brief description
Jeroen & Marcel The Gamemasters Weird but omnipotent creatures.

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