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Session 6 (Olivia)

Brief interlude on land

Played on October 7th, 2007
As told in the voice of Olivia

April 11th, 1689

The day was ours, as were about 50 barrels of pepper and two new crewmen: Robert and Jack. After sinking the ship we happily sailed away.

April 12th, 1689

Manuel spotted a ship, coming right at us. It turned out to be a large English frigate. Better safe than sorry, or so Moe thought, and he ordered William to sail a bit to the left of the frigate. I tried to inspire those brave English lads but I guess the distance was a bit too large. At least, the frigate didn't waver an inch from its course.
At the end of the afternoon Manuel spotted land. Slowly some memories came back, and I recognized this island as Jamaica. Port Royal wasn't much further west. Port Royal, in those days, was a 'safe haven' for pirates under 'protection' of the English. Whatever that meant in practice... But we raised the English flag we looted from the merchant vessel we sunk the day before.
We entered Port Royal. Sure enough, the port warden (a rather fat man) checks our cargo, and advises my party members to get rid of their English uniforms. Yes, I know! They were stupid enough to still wear them!
Moe figured that we were at the spot indicated by Redfeather's coordinates. Maaaybe we had to move a bit to the south and east, but not more than a 'minute'. Apparently you can measure distance in minutes, whaddyaknow?

Leaving Steph on the ship together with the niggers and Robert and Jack, we walked into the city. Very busy indeed. While strolling around on the fish market (horrible smell!) and getting our bearings, Moe and William spotted Johnatan. You remember, John! The 2nd helmsman on The Unforgiving! Unsurprisingly he walked into a brothel. And even less surprising was the fact that Manuel and William volunteered to shadow him. Boys will be boys I guess.
I strolled around on the market, getting the necessary gossip. People thought the city was deteriorating since Henry Morgan had passed away. Seems he did a lot for Port Royal. Amongst other things, he drafted a manifest against piracy. And 'fortunately', the English were cracking down on piracy. Lucky us.

Yes, I was coming to that. Manuel actually overpowered John, and together with William they dragged him to our ship. Pretty good! We turned some screws on the bastard, and he told us The Unforgiving was in Port Royal's harbour. He wasn't lying. With some effort I restrained myself from storming it right then and there. After some discussion we decided that Moe was to keep an eye on the boat, while we would try to get rid of our cargo. It was way to heavy, we couldn't pursue anything faster than a tortoise.

Easier said than done. I took charge because, well, I'm pretty good with money and men. However, there were some intricacies involved. I quickly sold 15 barrels for 5000 gold coins... or so they said. I only got some piece of paper. The friendly auctioneer said that the piece was worth 5 thou gold, but that I'd have to move to London to show it to the English Queen and then she'd give me the money. I was rather young and stupid I guess, but that's how I understood things.
Moe's mission was a lot more straightforward. He gathered that 'Arvey was to sail from Port Royal that very night! We prepared for our departure.

April 13th, 1689

Before I was fully awake, Stephan managed to draw some officials' attention. They wanted money, 'import tax' or so they said. We (I say 'we' but I mean 'I') paid. To repent for his sins (I guess) Steph went to church. Verrrry useful. I joined Moe while we followed 'Arvey, who had left The Unforgiving that morning. He had some brutes along as bodyguard, so I restrained myself once more. Instead, I went and fetched the rest of our crew. Together we followed 'Arvey, waiting for an opportune moment, a quite spot and a lack of audience. Things first went downhill, as 'Arvey got more companions with every bar and brothel he visited. And then, church mass finished, flooding the streets with people. There was one bright side -- it meant Steph joined us. Hmm, 'Arvey was carrying some book along. Never figured him for the literary type?

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