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Session 7 (One-Eye)

Th' end o' Arvey... an' Moe

Played on october 14th, 2007
As told by William

April 13th, 1689

We entered a wee abandoned street an' knew that this be our chance. Manuel tried hittin' Arvey wi' a dart, which only had th' effect that they noticed us so we couldna kill them by suprise... So 't be time t' charge! Steph downed th' first one pretty smartly an' soon we be (almost) all fightin' them. I also killed one while also keepin' an eye on Arvey... At th' moment i decided t' charge Arvey, he wanted t' run away. Luckely Moe jumped on th' lad's like a monkey which made 't harder fer th' lad's t' run. Wi' all th' strength i got 't cut Arvey open wi' me cutlass. He wasn't dead yet, so me next swin' tookst care o' that.

When Arvey an' all his companions be dead i noticed th' look in Steph's face. I knew i had t' run now. Wi' that look he had killed tens o' Redfeathers crewman before. Phillip hole joined me, but fer some reason Moe tried t' avast th' lad's, an' Olivia be playin' wi' one o' th' lass' scarfs. Then i heard Moe scream, an' when i looked Moe's head be half loose from his body. Then Steph started t' calm down an' a wee seconds later he felt down on th' poop deck. We had made a lot o' noise an' Phillip hole has used his pistol. So i decided t' take Steph from th' poop deck wi' some help from Phillip, an' Manuel tookst Moe's body. Olivia tookst Arvey's book an' we sailed' t' our ship, be we set sail t' get ou' o' th' docks.

After some hours sailin' we stopped. Phillip hole an' i tried t' make somethin' ou' o' th' maps. Thin' be gettin' a wee more clear, but still 't would be useful t' find a new navigator. Meanwhile Olivia decided t' throw Moe in th' sea, after givin' Steph a nice welcome when he awoke. We soon fished Moe's body ou' o' th' sea again an' prepared th' lad's so he would actually sink. After some nice words, we decided t' throw th' lad's in th' sea an' give th' lad's a nice swashbuckler grave. I tried t' eyeball th' maps some more that tide without much results. We decided t' sail aft t' a couple o' bucketfull o' yards distance from th' docks, so we could go on land again next high tide' t' search fer th' coordinated. Then we sailed' t' get some sleep.

April 14th, 1689

That night i got suddenly awoken by Manuel. 't seemed that John had escaped, so we smartly decided t' set sail t' th' port an' started lookin' fer John before he could warn Th' Unforgiving about us killin' the'r captain. I soon stumbled upon a part o' th' lad's. Seein' as that part be dead, i assumed th' other part be also, so i sailed' aft t' our boat, got some rum an' felt asleep.

Th' next tide we got on land an' tried goin' t' th' coordinates. Th' only thin' we found that came close a big red cross on th' poop deck be a church, wi' nay too much booty in 't. Th' next thin' we would investigate be th' local bars an' brothel. Maybe we can e'en find someone who can navigate thar...

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