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Session 9 (Olivia)


Played on November 4th, 2007
As told in the voice of Olivia

April 16th, 1689

So, it was the next day that Hilip had William order John to go to the church to ask for the book of Allessandro del Piero. No idea what gave him the idea that it'd be there, since we already thoroughly searched the place. But lo! The priest came back with a very heavy book. In that book was a very old piece of paper. The priest explained that this was the only thing remaining from the texts of Allessandro, who had been a monk. The piece was found in 1543 -- the rest was lost to the sands of time. John filched the piece of paper to later investigate it on board. He said it's in Spanish, and hard to decipher. We all sat down to help him, but in the end our translation wasn't really a piece of literature, so to speak. Nevertheless, it was decided to go to Tortuga, as it was the only place mentioned in the fragment.

Tortuga! In stark contrast with Port Royal, this was still a pirate hide-out. It had been 6 or 7 years since I'd been there, and I suddenly longed to be back.

John plotted a course around Hispaniola, and off we went.

the night of April 17th - 18th, 1689

We arrived late on April 17th. Right before we entered port, we saw a French ship sail away, and in the harbour every ship but ours carried the French tricolore. Hmm... a total lack of Jolly Rogers stared us in the face. We didn't want to be downhearted though, because there was a jolly good party going on, which we immediately joined. Before I get totally wasted I find out that everybody is French "officially" and yes, piracy is "outlawed". That's reassuring!

Philip and William were trying to find a woman who could read Spanish to help us translate that fragment. Somehow they were searching in bars and brothels. They finally found a Spanish girl, but she didn't join our crew. She was the niece of the bar keeper. Another miss of our dynamic duo.

I'm not exactly sure what we did after that, but I'm sure it involved lots of alcohol.

April 18th, 1689

Which, indeed, lead to a glorious hangover the next morning/afternoon. Philip and William apparently had managed to find a woman to come with them, but she fled that morning when she woke up. Understandably, that. The niggers were gone as well, the only trace some fresh blood in our cargo hold. Oh, and the last of Stephan's chickens is gone as well.

To avoid more problems with the local authorities Manuel took some tar and paint and wrote a new name over our boat's name. It was something Spanish, now it was something like "Manuel Wants A New Name".

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