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Session 10 (William)

Kill the spanish bastards!

Played on november 11th, 2007
As meant by William

April 18th, 1689

So we go sailing again and soon we are on the open sea on our way to a spanish city. There we only have to find someone that also speaks english. The wind isn't blowing very hard, and Manuel for some reason starts to complain about it. Hmmm, no boat to see, weird, why else should he complain about that then? I can't imagine he wants to reach the spanish city fast. Then the wind starts to blow more and we are gaining some speed. Manuel climbs down and says he is searching the spanish flag. Not a bad idea of course, since we will enter a spanish harbor soon.

I'm looking around while Manuel is gone, since someone has to do it. Then i see it, a boat! Finally! Action time! I decide to turn our boat and head towards the other boat. I ask Philip to load the cannons and everyone to get ready for some action. As we get close it turns out te be a spanish boat, a little bigger then ours. Well, it can never hurt to get a bigger boat.

As soon as they get into cannon reach, they start firing at us, the bastards, it was our plan to attack them, so we should fire first! Soon i turn the boat right and give the rudder to John. I run to one of the cannons and fire it at the spanish boat, while Philip and Olivia fire another one. After some more turning, shooting cannons, getting shot by cannons and loosing our rudder, we are within entering range and the hooks are thrown to their ship.

When i see at least 10 people with guns on their deck, i quickly jump out of their sight, not a good idea to start a battle with seven bullets in your body. Steph does not care about that and enters the spanish ship. A fight starts. After being multishot, Steph attacks everyone he sees and soon goes into a terrible rage. Olivia hides behind Steph and then jumps out of there hitting the spanish while avoiding everyone that tries to hit her. Philip shoots every bullet that is in any of his weapons and then starts to reload. John jumps on the other ships aft castle and attacks the steersman. Manuel climbs down and tries to poison one of the spanish.

Meanwhile, i first shoot one with my pistol, then i jump at the other ship, while drawing my cutlass and cutting one of them. Soon i hit a few of the spanish while avoiding their attacks. The spanish captain first avoids one of Philips bullets and then shoots a bullet at Steph's face. Steph is totally disoriented and attacks everything that get in his way, while i and Olivia try to steer him to the spanish. This ends with him almost falling from the ship. After that the captain somehow manages to get his sword at my throat while asking me to surrender. Of course i tell him that i will, it will only work in my advantage to keep my throat in one piece and letting him think i will surrender. The captain tries to knock me unconscious but fails, and then the other spanish guy next to him tries to do the same. He even fails to hit me and i laugh at him in the face. I ask the captain why they are attacking us, it seems he is looking for Redfeather's journal. Why would he need that? Since we have the journal and he has the sword, i ask him if he can use some new crew members, since we killed most of it...

Meanwhile John's endless knife fight with the steersman continues...

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