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Session 11 (Olivia)


Played on November 25th, 2007
As told in the voice of Olivia

April 18th, 1689

After a short and brutal fight, we vanquished the Spanish foe. I myself had managed to defeat 2 fighters on my own -- without getting so much as a scratch. The survivors surrendered. I totally didn't give some a few good kicks in the nuts for good measure, no-oh.
In the mess I barely noticed it, but Steph had been hit multiple times -- one shot even blinding him. While people fussed about our new prisoners, I went to check on him. I'm afraid to say he was as dead as a doornail. Yes, our cook was brought down by a bunch of terrible cowards who overwhelmed him and shot him from a distance.

We stripped our Manuel Wants A New Name, which was badly damaged in the cannoneering that opened our battle, of all valuables and set up ship (hah) at our new vessel. We had Manuel sink the Manuel with the useless Spanish crew. Somehow their captain had managed to persuade William (our "captain", remember?) and the others that he would help us finding the treasures of Allessandro. I wasn't convinced of his integrity but he did know an awful lot about it. First, he off-handedly translated the diary, something his cronies failed to do earlier (much to their regret).

When I came upon the glade and walked in the golden sun the building that was searched I saw finally, with its face of silver, the treasure to live always was obvious. Worthy of more than all the diamonds in the world I had traveled very far -- to the turtles. Finally I found what I was looking for. Glory to God in all his sermons.
That was more or less what we had deciphered ourselves, but not quite. Well, Hernando de Escalante Fontaneda (as he named himself) had been searching for the treasure for a long time. The treasure isn't gold at all, it seems: it's the fabled Fountain of Youth! known to us by the stories from Ponce de Leon and others. Herman also mentioned that Los Tortugas was a small island north-east of Port Royal and south of Cuba. Hmm... that's not Tortuga, at all. Herman is also an avid fan of charts and books. He owns, err, owned more books than I've ever seen.
Fortunately he also collected some other stuff on his travels, like a chest full of crappy stuff and one chock-full with silver reales. Nice, together with the pepper we almost had a respectable amount of loot now. To thank him for his efforts we promoted him to cook.

April 20th, 1689

Over the next few days it became apparent that Herman was very vain. Yes, more vain than I am, thank you for asking. He washed himself regularly, like, every day... Guess he needed to with all the stuff he kept putting in his beard.

April 21st, 1689

Land ho! We'd arrived at Los (or Las) Tortugas. While we cruise around looking for a bay (didn't find any) we spot a rather large ship. Weird, what was their goal here? Their flag was blue with a silvery/yellowy guy with a mitre on his head on it. Nooo idea. Oh, and J-j-john mentioned that the islands were on his map, known as the Cayman Island. Right.
Finally we stopped. Having no rowboat on the ship, the boys designed a raft from a bunch of emptied pepper-barrels. Worked good enough, and soon we were on the beach. The sand quickly gave way to some kind of jungle. Of course we had to cross this and just when we reached the foot of a mountain, night set in. The boys wanted to set up camp, which I, foolishly, let them. I really wanted to go back to the ship, get supplies and climbing stuff, and then return the next day. But nooooh, it was not to be. During my watch that night I spot a bright glare coming from the beach... I guess that meant the mitre-people burned our boat. Yes, with all our loot on it.

April 22nd, 1689

Nobody seemed bother by this when I mentioned it the next day, as they all were obsessed with the Fountain. I must admit, I was curious and excited as well. After breakfast we decided to move a bit clockwise around the mountains, looking for a pass.

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