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Background story

Novus was born on the garden planet Doxo III. Doxo III is a retreat for bored nobility and those others in high standing within the imperium. The elite passed their time there in abundant luxury and tranquility. Novus was born to a family serving on this planet. The relative easy life was good for Novus and he found time to study the intricate machine spirits on Doxo III. The planet posses a truely rich plethora of luxury machinery and irrigation systems. Found to be capable of quickly learning the rites and rituals necessary to appease the machine spirits which give the nobility their needed recreation, Novus was introduced to the local Adeptus Mechanicus at an early age.

As an acolyte to the Adeptus Mechanicus, Novus was allowed to visit more of the planet's structures. After countless centuries of moving amongst nobility, the aristocracy was accustomed to ignore those who came to tend the machines' pains. Novus, inquisitive by nature, had no such custom, though and soon picked up on the currents and undercurrent of his scheming superiors.

This came into good use when Inquisitor Bert followed a trail of corruption leading to Doxo III. After a discrete investigation, Novus found in him a willing ear to voice his suspicions of Lords dealing with Xenos/powers of Chaos/Demons (doorstrepen wat niet van toepassing is). After a heated battle, Bert generously offered Novus to come with him to free other machines from service to Xenos/powers of Chaos/Demons (doorstrepen wat niet van toepassing is).


Novus would be quite handsome were it not for the fact that the lower half of his face is covered with a respirator helmet and that he tends to wear a helmet. When on an assignment he wears a long flak jacket. Whenever practical he tends to wear his Techpriest robes and vestments.

Novus has been born into a serving family, and as such is, for a Tech-priest, quite friendly. In conversation, it is quite clear that the Machine Spirit comes first and humans second.


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