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Background story

The silence aboard Orbital Station Kronos IV that was so well known and comforting to Scarlet, was broken by unknown and therefor unnerving noises. She continued cautiously along one of the station's many corridors. Having been born aboard the station and having lived there all her life, she could navigate it blindly. The last sixteen years the station had been completely abandoned, save for Scarlet herself. Somewhere, someone in the Administratum has decided that Kronos IV's job of monitoring the penal planet of Sheol XVII was no longer in the Emperor's interest.

To be continued....


Scarlet is a gaunt woman with an almost deathly pale complexion. She does little to hide her 53 years of age and thus her face is covered with fine wrinkles. Her long practically white hair is usually carried in a pony-tail. Adhering to her nickname, she usually wears a long deep red administratum robe. Her only other ornaments are her backpack containing her personal belongings and her ever present data-slate and autoquill.


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