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Background story

Zuka was born and raised on the Hive planet Tranch. His parents worked in the factories most of their live, and Zuka knew he didn't want to spend his live that way. A large part of his childhood Zuka was a member of the $gangname gang. There he learned to survive on the street, and to kill. It is also where he met Vhadeen. He often helped him with 'taking care' of people. Zuko had no problem with killing, if they deserved to die, or the reward was big enough, he would gladly do that job.

Vhadeen convinced Zuka to help in the civil war, and it was said the enemy were using chaos and corruption. There we also met Feryy. When we found out it was just propaganda about the chaos and curruption, we started to loose interest. Then we heared of Inquisitor Bert, who was on Tranch to really fight chaos and curruption. We helped him and soon he enlisted us fully in his service.


Zuko isn't very tall, and scrawny. He has a fair skin, grey hair and green eyes and is 26 years old.


Short fight/bonusses explanation:

  • Always with ranged
    • Range:
      • < 3 yards: +30
      • < 1/2 range: +10
      • 2-3x range: -10
      • 3-4x range: -30
    • Called shot: -0 (because of 2 talents)
    • +2 dmg (already in weapon dmg on char sheet)
    • When critical damage, another +2 dmg (crack shot)
  • With Long Las
    • Half action aim: +20
    • Full action aim: +30
    • Red-dot laser, always: +10
    • +1 dmg (already in wpn dmg on sheet, because of overcharge pack)

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