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Background story

26 years ago on a planet called Tranch a boy was born whom they named Vhadeen. The first 15 years of his life were a mix of the more boring parts of youth and poverty lived on a Hive planet in the Emperium. But in Vhadeen's 16th year of life things became interesting, it was the year he met Tommy, the year that changed his life forever. Tommy was what most people on Tranch called a local Hive gangleader, good for nothing and every part of the Hive had a few going around. But there was a lot more to this one, he didn't choose the path he was following, he didn't do it to survive, he didn't do it for the standing or the meagre money he made. He just did what his heart told him and that included people following him and a hivepart needing protection. The gang didn't waste anything the procured and life was just a little bit better in this part of the hive than in any of the other hive parts all the way down here.. And down they were, far too close to the toxic parts of the Hive, but just far enough not to constantly be around the mutated ones. Vhadeen had always been a bit bigger and stronger than most of his age and it didn't take long for him to be seen. In no time Tommy and Vhadeen got close and if Tommy was somewhere, Vhadeen was almost always close by to protect him from the dangers of the Hive.

Vhadeen had a sense of honour in him that didn't allow for him to accept any money or goods from Tommy or anyone else unless he worked for it. But because his father died and he needed to partly take care of himself and his mother and younger sister he had to take a job to make some money. He joined the local protection forces during the day as he was strong and the job was readily available because there was more money to be made in the global defense forces that were needed for the ongoing civil wars going on on Tranch. During the day he worked hard in the forces, always being afraid that Tommy might endanger himself when he was at work and couldn't protect him. Because of his hard work and dedication to the job, the harder he worked the less he thought about Tommy, he quickly made it to a more commanding position and he got to choose location of his patrolling and the type of jobs he got. Due to the closeness of the toxic part of the Hive to his gangterritory a lot of corruptive activity was always around that needed action from his squad. This gave him a lot more control of the situation and the area prospered even more under the hard hand of Vhadeen and the ideas of Tommy. Life actually was good for a while, the civil wars were far away from thought and they were surviving.

But in his 22nd year of life things turned for the worse. The civil war was going bad for the side his Hive was in and up top they were shouting for more production down below. Production was up but polution was getting worse and the toxic part was advancing upwards fast. Tommy and his gang getting more and more trouble from below, Vhadeen was trying his best to do his duty and protect the area, but to make things worse, his team's and other team's men were being forced into the armies for the civil war. He was losing men fast, both to the war and to the incursions into corruption that were getting harder all the time. And then the worst thing of all happened, when he was away at the head office pleading with his boss for more men, Tommy was killed in a brutal manner. Tommy tried to convince someone of a darker nature to stop what he was doing and was met with the brutal force of a creature of chaos. He died swiftly, but this did not appease Vhadeen. Vhadeen had actually convinced his superior that he needed more men and he would try what he could. Vhadeen came back to the precinct with a good feeling, but left with a vengeance after hearing what happened to Tommy. With all his men and all the firepower he could find he went to pay a visit to the do-er of this foul deed. With righteous and imperial vengeance he vanquished what corruption was there, but this did not quell his feelings of guilt. He should have been with Tommy when he went there, they had been fighting over this for weeks now and the one time Vhadeen was not around Tommy went to confront the man. Vhadeen actually knew that if he would have been there as well he might actually have been lying there dead next to Tommy, but that did not appease his mind aswell. For a while he went on in his role to fight hard against corruption, but it wasn't enough.

Propaganda from the powers above in the Hive convinced him that the enemy in the civil war was using chaos and corruption as their weapons and he decided to leave it all behind and enlist in the army and join the war against chaos and corruption. This is were he met Zuka and ????(Ferry). Zuka is an expert shot and when he could he would enlist his help when going on incursions with his team. He also called upon the powers of ???? for many a mission as well.

When he learned that it was only propaganda that the enemy was using chaos and corruption he started to lose interest fast and became filled with whims of anger. This luckily did not last long when he learned that Inquisitor Bert was on a mission on Tranch to squash an actual corruption threat. He was 1st in line to enlist and help Bert. His fire and zeal impressed Bert so much he enlisted him fully in his service. And this is the case still as he fights against corruption in the service of Inquisitor Bert. The story continues on in the Session logs of this campaign.


A 26 year old battle hardened guardsman of solid stature. Dark skin and brown eyes. Wearing a fullbody guardsmans flak armour and uniform of the Tranch B'ekora Hive. Coloured in red and black. Vhadeen is easily angered and hotheaded. When things need doing, you'd better not stand in his way of doing them.


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