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Session 21 (Ravian)

Return of the Crowfather

Played on September 28th, 2008
In the words of Ravian of Strank

104 23.M41 - Goodbye Esha Raine, until we meet again

After more discussion we finally are convinced, that if anything is going to happen or if we want to find out about the Crowfather, we'd better head back to the Cathedral. Some of the group still try to take Esha Raine along, but she strongly refuses to be taken captive. And after some firm words by Arquis we all start on the trip back.
As I'm the last to leave Esha's hut I thank her for all the information and insights she has given. Then she gives me one last tip. Apparently the Crowfather biggest fear is the pain he inflicts on others.

As we approach the Cathedral, we notice there's no sign of life anywhere. No lights on the walls and no life signs to be felt through the warp. We carefully approach the walled area. Zuka sneaks of to look for clues, I follow a few steps behind. We reach the cloister where I detect one faint life sign. It turns out to be brother Lamark who's in need of some serious healing. Before he collapses into a deep sleep, he's just able to whisper some words "It's waiting to be released!". Next to brother Lamark there are two bodies. Long dead and with their eyes removed. If Lamark's remark wouldn't have frightened me, this most certainly did.
We regroup in front of the Cathedral, where light can be seen emitting through the windows. I still sense no signs of life, so I'm really starting to wonder what happened to all the residents of Stern Hope. Castella and Vhadeen push the doors open and there we see Octia being the source of all the light. Strange objects are floating around her. But what's even more worrying is the fact that all the people are in here, signing with tears coming from their eyes.
But it can't be. These people are all dead!

As Octia seems to notice us somehow, she opens her eyes and screams with an unnatural voice. Eventually, a figure floating behind Octia 'steps' forward. It's the Abbott with light emitting from his eye-sockets, telling us "I'm glad you could make it my friends! St. Drusus is returning!". Zuka takes this opportunity to take a good aim at the eyes and shoots. Meanwhile Novus does something which makes Octia lose her concentration, allowing us a window of opportunity to attack her.
As the incantions stop the roof is blown of the church, the black hole which can be seen near the ceiling is pushing heavily, picking up and devouring the Abbott. One of the objects which had been floating around Octia now falls to the ground. It turns out to be one of the Tarrot cards she's been messing with the past few days. As the black hole vanishes, in the last moment showing some huge crow-like wings, all the people in the Cathedral all of a sudden return to 'normal'. Whatever that might mean in this situation.

Novus starts searching through Octia's stuff to find out what was going on there. He digs up a data slate containing a very weird entry about the God emperor, St Drusus and Octia being the vessel of his rebirth. Seems Heresy ran very deep here if such a high-ranked member of the inquisition could be used as a tool for the Heretic activity here.

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